Physical Anthropology: Original Readings in Method and Practice, 1st edition

  • Peter N. Peregrine
  • Carol R. Ember
  • Melvin R. Ember

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The carefully selected works in this collection help readers understand the methods, practices, and experiences of some of the top physical anthropologists working in the field today. Each article reflects the contributors' experiences, insights, and opinions in a lively, semi-autobiographical manner. KEY TOPICS: Conveys not only what contributors found, but how they found it and what the experience was like. Brings the experiences and insights of active scholars to practical research matters. Introduces basic concepts of biological evolution and evolutionary theory. Explores our australopithecine and early human ancestors, and considers how and why humans evolved. Considers both the nature and causes of physical variation among contemporary peoples. MARKET: For anyone interested in learning more about physical anthropology, its methods, and discoveries.

Table of contents

Introduction by P.N. Peregrine, C.R. Ember, and M. Ember.


 1. Evolutionary Genetics, R. Eckhardt.

 2. Genes, Bodies, and Species, J. Marks.

 3. Paleoanthropology and Evolutionary Theory, I. Tattersall.


 4. Explaining Primate Origins, M. Cartmill.

 5. Why Are Primates So Smart?, J. Silk and R. Boyd.

 6. Miocene Apes, D. Begun.

 7. Chimpanzee Hunting Behavior and Human Evolution, C. Stanford.


 8. Australopithecus Afarensis and Human Evolution, S. Simpson.

 9. “ Robust” Australopithecines, Our Family Tree, and Homoplasy, H. McHenry.

10. The Natural History and Evolutionary Fate of Homo Erectus, A. Kramer.

11. Neandertal Growth: Examining Developmental Adaptations in Earlier Homo Sapiens, N. Minugh-Purvis.

12. Testing Theories and Hypothesis about Modern Human Origins, D. Frayer.


13. Natural Variation in Human Fecundity, P. Ellison.

14. What Accounts for Population Variation in Height?, J.P. Gray and L. Wolfe.

15. Growth and Development of Turkana Pastoralists, M. Little.

16. The Concept of Race in Physical Anthropology, C.L. Brace.


17. Paleoanthropology and Life History, and Life History of a Paleoanthropologist, T. Bromage.

18. The Evolution of a Physical Anthropologist, K. Milton.

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