Predictive Analytics and Real-World Data Mining (Rough Cuts), 2nd edition

  • Dursun Delen


Using predictive analytics techniques, decision-makers can uncover hidden patterns and correlations in their data, and leverage this insight to improve a wide range of business decisions. In Predictive Analytics: Data Mining, Machine Learning and Data Science for Practitioners, Dr. Dursun Delen illuminates state-of-the-art best practices for predictive analytics for both business professionals and students. Delen’s holistic approach covers all this, and more:
  • Data mining processes, methods, and techniques
  • The role and management of data
  • Predictive analytics tools and metrics
  • Techniques for text and web mining, and for sentiment analysis
  • Integration with cutting-edge Big Data approaches
Throughout, Delen promotes understanding by presenting numerous conceptual illustrations, motivational success stories, failed projects that teach important lessons, and simple, hands-on tutorials that set this guide apart from competitors.

Table of contents

Previous Edition's Table of Contents:

Foreword     viii
Chapter 1: Introduction to Analytics     1
Chapter 2: Introduction to Data Mining     31
Chapter 3: The Data Mining Process     67
Chapter 4: Data and Methods in Data Mining     93
Chapter 5: Data Mining Algorithms     141
Chapter 6: Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis     183
Chapter 7: Big Data Analytics     231
Index     265

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