Principles of Macroeconomics, 1st edition

  • Joseph G. Nellis
  • David Parker

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Reviewers tell us that Case/Fair/Oster is one of the all-time bestselling principles of economics texts because they trust it to be clear, thorough, and complete. Readers of Principles of Macroeconomics, 13th Edition come away with a basic understanding of how market economies function, an appreciation for the things they do well, and a sense of things they do poorly. With the latest research and added exercises, students begin to learn the art and science of economic thinking and start to look at some policy, and even personal decisions in a different way.

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Table of contents

List of applications
List of figures and tables
Publisher's acknowledgements
1. Macroeconomics ¿ concepts, aims and policy
2. The measurement of economic activity
3. Modelling the economy ¿ the circular flow of income
4. The determination of economic activity
5. Aggregate demand and aggregate supply
6. Management of the economy ¿ an overview
7. Fiscal policy and government finances
8. Money, banking and interest rates 
9. Monetary policy
10. Economic growth and supply-side economics
11. Inflation ¿ causes, consequences and policy implications
12. Employment and unemployment ¿ measurement and policy
13. International trade ¿ theory and policy
14. Balance of payments 
15. Exchange rates
16. Institutions in the international economy
17. Understanding business cycles
18. Market forces and macroeconomic management

Published by Pearson Canada (August 5th 2004) - Copyright © 2005