Professionalism in Health Care, 5th edition

  • Sherry Makely

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This package includes MyHealthProfessionsLab™

A balanced introduction to the standards and skills needed to succeed in health care
Professionalism in Health Care: A Primer for Career Success
is a full-color, engaging, conversational text that helps students understand the common professional standards that all health care workers need to provide excellent care and service. It brings together complete coverage of these and other crucial soft skills: work ethic, character, relationships, teamwork, communication and etiquette, honesty, cultural competence, personal image, and personal health and wellness.

Revised and improved throughout, this edition gives students a clear understanding of where they fit in the changing health care system, why patient satisfaction is more important than ever, how to behave with the professionalism that both employers and patients demand, and how to move forward in their own careers.

Personalize Learning with MyHealthProfessionsLab
MyHealthProfessionsLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Interactive activities allow for students to become self-aware, role play, and prepare for future interviews and on-the-job interactions. Within its structured environment, students gain knowledge that will carry through to their professional careers.

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Table of contents

Chapter One The Health Care Industry and Your Role

Working in Health Care

Health Care as a Business

Impact of the Baby Boomer Population

Improving the Nation’s Health Care System

Health Care Reform and the Affordable Care Act

Quality Improvement

Patient Safety

Workforce Supply and Demand

Electronic Health Records

Advancements in Technology

The Big Picture and Where You Fit In

Learning Activities

Chapter Two Your Work Ethic and Performance

Making a Commitment to Your Job



Critical Thinking

Developing a Strong Work Ethic

Attendance and Punctuality

Reliability and Accountability

Attitude and Enthusiasm

Competence and Quality of Work


Inappropriate Behavior

Representing Your Employer

Evaluating Your Performance

Learning Activities

Chapter Three Personal Traits of the Health Care Professional

Character and Personal Values

Character Traits







Legal Issues and Implications

Criminal and Civil Law

Professional Standards of Care, Scope of Practice, and Professional Ethics

Medical Liability

Other Legal Issues

Ethical, Moral, and Legal Dilemmas

Learning Activities

Chapter Four Relationships, Teamwork, and Communication Skills

Interpersonal Relationships

Coworkers as Customers

Inclusion and Friendliness



Etiquette and Manners

Teams and Teamwork

Types of Teams

Group Norms


Communication Skills

Elements of Communication

Factors That Influence Your Communication with Other People

Barriers to Communication

Communication Styles and Conflict Resolution

Communication Technologies

Written Communication

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Learning Activities

Chapter Five Cultural Competence and Patient Care

Diversity and Cultural Competence

Diversity and Culture

Cultural Competence

Personality Preferences

Generational Differences

Respecting Differences

Working with Patients

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Customer Service

The Patient Experience

Being There for Patients

Patient Visitors

Working with Doctors, Guests, and Vendors

Learning Activities

Chapter Six Professionalism and Your Personal Life

Personal Image

Appearance and Grooming

Dress Code Standards


Personal Habits

Language and Grammar

Maintaining Professionalism After Hours

Personal Health and Wellness

Employee Wellness Programs

Personal Risk Factors

Personal Management Skills

Time Management

Personal Financial Management

Stress Management

Managing Change

Learning Activities

Chapter Seven The Practicum Experience

The Purpose of a Practicum

The Benefits of a Practicum Experience

Students Compared to Employees

Identifying Preferences

How Your Performance Will Be Evaluated

Preparing for Your Practicum

Pre-Practicum Observations and Research

During Your Practicum

Keeping a Journal


Privacy and Confidentiality


Office Politics

More Than One Right Way




Patient Preferences

Personal Issues

Ensuring Success on Your Practicum

At the End of Your Practicum

Learning Activities

Chapter Eight Employment and Professional Development

Job-Seeking Skills

Identifying Occupational Preferences

Finding Employment Information

Applying for Jobs


Cover Letters


Job Applications

Preemployment Assessments

Verifying Qualifications

Interviews and Job Offers

Preparing for an Interview

Participating in an Interview

After the Interview

Considering Job Offers

Professional Development

The Need for Professional Development

Developing Leadership Skills

Ways to Develop Leadership Skills

Participating in Professional Associations

Planning for Career Advancement

Learning Activities

Closing Thoughts


A: Sample Job Description

B: Sample Performance Evaluation

C: Sample Résumé

D: Sample Résumé Cover Letter

E: Sample Job Application Form

F: Sample Interview Follow-Up Letter

G: Sample Practicum Journal

H: Sample Practicum Thank-You Letter

Glossary of Terms


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