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Programming the World Wide Web, 8th edition

  • Robert W. Sebesta

Published by Pearson (March 12th 2014) - Copyright © 2015

8th edition

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Programming the World Wide Web

ISBN-13: 9780133775983

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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KEY BENEFIT: A comprehensive introduction to the tools and skills required for both client- and server-side programming that teaches how to develop platform-independent sites using the most current Web development technology. KEY TOPICS: Fundamentals; Introduction to HTML/XHTML; Cascading Style Sheets; The Basics of JavaScript; JavaScript and HTML Documents; Dynamic Documents with JavaScript; Introduction to XML; Introduction to Flash; Introduction to PHP; Introduction to Ajax; Java Web Software; Introduction to ASP.NET; Database Access through the Web; Android Software Development; Introduction to Ruby; Introduction to Rails. MARKET: An up-to-date reference for Web programming professionals.

Table of contents

1. Fundamentals

            1.1            A Brief Introduction to the Internet

            1.2            The World Wide Web

            1.3            Web Browsers

            1.4            Web Servers

            1.5            Uniform Resource Locators

            1.6            Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

            1.7            The Hypertext Transfer Protocol

            1.8            Security

            1.9            The Web Programmer’s Toolbox

2.  Introduction to HTML/XHTML

            2.1            Origins and Evolution of HTML and XHTML

            2.2            Basic Syntax

            2.3            Standard HTML Document Structure

            2.4            Basic Text Markup

            2.5            Images

            2.6            Hypertext Links

            2.7            Lists

            2.8            Tables

            2.9            Forms

            2.10            The Audio Element

            2.11            The Video Element

            2.12            Organization Elements


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