Psychology, Fifth Canadian Edition, 5th edition

  • Carole Wade
  • Carol Tavris
  • Maryanne Garry
  • Deborah Saucier
  • Lorin Elias

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The primary goal of this text is the integration of critical and scientific thinking into the fabric of the writing, The most important job being to help students learn to think like psychologists and to understand why scientific and critical thinking is so important to the decisions they make in their own lives.

Table of contents



Chapter 1: What Is Psychology?

Chapter 2: How Psychologists Do Research

Chapter 3: Genes, Evolution, and Environment

Chapter 4: The Brain and Nervous System

Chapter 5: Body Rhythms and Mental States

Chapter 6: Sensation and Perception

Chapter 7: Learning and Conditioning

Chapter 8: Behaviour in Social and Cultural Context

Chapter 9: Thinking and Intelligence

Chapter 10: Memory

Chapter 11: Emotion, Stress, and Health

Chapter 12: Motivation

Chapter 13: Development Over the Life Span

Chapter 14: Theories of Personality

Chapter 15: Psychological Disorders

Chapter 16: Approaches to Treatment and Therapy





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