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  5. Quality Management for Organizational Excellence: Introduction to Total Quality

Quality Management for Organizational Excellence: Introduction to Total Quality, 8th edition

  • David L. Goetsch
  • Stanley Davis

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For courses in quality management, quality engineering, quality technology, and continuous process improvement in universities, colleges, community colleges, and corporate environments


A comprehensive, practical look at how to become an effective quality manager and decision maker focused on improving the quality of people, processes, products, and the work environment on a continual basis

Current and future quality managers and decision makers gain the knowledge and skills they need to achieve organizational excellence. With a focus on continually developing the quality of people, processes, products, and the work environment, it covers all pertinent quality-related topics, including: an overview of quality, quality and global competitiveness, strategic alliances, establishing a culture of quality, customer satisfaction and quality, employee empowerment, leadership and change management, team building and teamwork, education and training for quality, overcoming internal politics and conflict, quality tools, problem solving and decision making, quality function deployment, statistical process control, continual improvement methods, such as six sigma, lean, and lean six sigma), benchmarking, just-in-time/lean manufacturing, and implementing quality. The new edition features an improved artwork package; updated critical-thinking activities; and new material on managing quality in the supply chain, change to ISO 9000-2015, Lean, and Lean Six Sigma, QFD, SPC.

Table of contents


1. The Total Quality Approach to Quality Management: Achieving Organizational Excellence 3

2. Quality and Global Competitiveness 21

3. Strategic Management: Planning and Execution for Competitive Advantage 36

4. Quality Management, Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility 53

5. Partnering and Strategic Alliances 68

6. Quality Culture: Changing Hearts, Minds, and Attitudes 82

7. Customer Satisfaction, Retention, and Loyalty 96

8. Employee Empowerment 113

9. Leadership and Change 124

10. Team Building and Teamwork 147

11. Effective Communication 165

12. Education and Training 184

13. Overcoming Politics, Negativity, and Conflict in the Workplace 208

14. ISO 9000 and Total Quality: The Relationship 232


15. Overview of Total Quality Tools 245

16. Problem Solving and Decision Making 279

17. Quality Function Deployment 296

18. Optimizing and Controlling Processes through Statistical Process Control 312

19. Continual Improvement Methods with Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, and More 341

20. Benchmarking 369

21. Just-in-Time/Lean Manufacturing (JIT/Lean) 384

22. Implementing Total Quality Management 417

Index 443


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Published by Pearson (May 21st 2015) - Copyright © 2016