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  5. Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods Reader: A Canadian Orientation

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods Reader: A Canadian Orientation, 1st edition

  • John A. Winterdyk
  • Linda Coates
  • Scott Brodie
Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods Reader: A Canadian Orientation

ISBN-13:  9780131268180


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Appropriate for students enrolled in research methods or statistics courses in any of the social sciences or social service disciplines such as: criminology, health sciences, management, nursing, psychology, public administration, social work, sociology, or women’s studies.


The 16 articles in this reader are professional studies that span a range of disciplines and diverse qualitative and quantitative methods. Issues raised are directly relevant to all social research. The editors made their selections to provide easy access to more detailed and concrete examples than those typically found in Methods texts.


The purposes of this reader are as follows:

  • To offer a cross-section of original social science articles, from which the students can learn the nuances of what they are reading and studying in any text.
  • To present articles in a single reader, rather than require students or instructors to provide a list of recommended readings, which is a daunting task to construct.
  • To illustrate the diversity of research being conducted throughout Canada by including Canadian-authored articles.

Table of contents



Chapter One: The Automobile Imperative: Risks of Mobility and Mobility-Related Risks

Jean Andrey

Chapter Two: Youthful Prostitution and Child Sexual Trauma

Augustine Brannigan

Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot

Chapter Three: Book Review of Philosophy of Social Science: The Philosophical Foundations of Social Thought by Ted Benton and Ian Craib

Reviewed by Jonathan Joseph

Chapter Four: Limited Confidentiality, Academic Freedom, and Matters of Conscience: Where Does CPA Stand?

John Lowman

Ted Palys

Chapter Five: The Development of an Applied Whole-Systems Research Methodology in Health and Social Service Research: A Canadian and United Kingdom Collaboration

Susan Procter, Bill Watson,

Carolyn Byrne, Jeni Bremner,

Tim Van Zwanenberg, Gina Browne,

Jackie Roberts, Amiram Gafni

Chapter Six: Is Research-Ethics Review a Moral Panic?

Will C. van den Hoonaard




Chapter Seven: Changing School-Community Relations through Participatory Research: Strategies from First Nations and Teachers

Seth A. Agbo

Chapter Eight: Discussing Sexual Health with a Partner: A Qualitative Study with Young Women

Jennifer Cleary

Richard Barhman

Terry MacCormack

Ed Herold

Chapter Nine: An International Survey of Death Education Trends in Faculties of Nursing and Medicine

Barbara Downe-Wamboldt

Deborah Tamlyn

Chapter Ten: Suicide and Prostitution among Street Youth: A Qualitative Analysis

Sean A. Kidd

Michael J. Kral

Chapter Eleven: Gay and Lesbian Physicians in Training: A Qualitative Study

Cathy Risdon

Deborah Cook

Dennis Willms




Chapter Twelve: Public Opinion on the Health Benefits of Moderate Drinking: Results from a Canadian National Population Health Survey

Alan C. Ogborne

Reginald G. Smart

Chapter Thirteen: Mock Juror Ratings of Guilt in Canada: Modern Racism and Ethnic Heritage

Jeffrey E. Pfeifer

James R. P. Ogloff

Chapter Fourteen: Public Attitudes toward Conditional Sentencing: Results of a National Survey

Trevor Sanders

Julian V. Roberts

Chapter Fifteen: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: The Heartbreak of Dichotomizing Continuous Data

David L. Streiner

Chapter Sixteen: Gender Differences in Survey Respondents’ Written Definitions of Date Rape

Norine Verberg

Serge Desmarais

Eileen Wood

Charlene Senn

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Published by Pearson Canada (July 20th 2005) - Copyright © 2006