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Quantum Mechanics, 1st edition

  • David McIntyre
  • Corinne A Manogue
  • Janet Tate

Published by Pearson (January 12th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

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This innovative new text presents quantum mechanics in a manner that directly reflects the methods used in modern physics research—making the material more approachable and preparing students more thoroughly for real research. Most texts in this area start with a bit of history and then move directly to wave-particle problems with accompanying heavy mathematical analysis; Quantum Mechanics provides a foundation in experimental phenomena and uses a more approachable, less intimidating, more powerful mathematical matrix model. Beginning with the Stern-Gerlach experiments and the discussion of spin measurements, and using bra-ket notation, the authors introduce an important notational system that is used throughout quantum mechanics. This non-traditional presentation is designed to enhance students’ understanding and strengthen their intuitive grasp of the subject.

Table of contents

1. Stern-Gerlach Experiments

2. Operators And Measurement

3. Schrödinger Time Evolution

4. Quantum Spookiness

5. Quantized Energies: Particle in a Box

6. Unbound States

7. Angular Momentum

8. Hydrogen Atom

9. Harmonic Oscillator

10. Perturbation Theory

11. Hyperfine Structure and the Addition of Angular Momentum

12. Perturbation of Hydrogen

13. Identical Particles

14. Time dependent perturbation theory

15. Periodic Systems

16. Modern Applications


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