Race and Ethnicity in the United States, 9th edition

  • Richard T. Schaefer

Racial and Ethnic Groups in the United States (Subscription)

ISBN-13:  9780134736457

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For courses in Race and Ethnic Relations


A concise overview of the changing dynamics of the U.S. population

Racial and Ethnic Groups in the United States (Subscription), 9/e  in the United States presents a streamlined, six-chapter overview of the story of race in America. Presenting race and ethnic relations in a sociohistorical context, author Richard Schaefer illuminates the changing dynamics of the U.S. population, and reveals the stories behind these changes. The 9th Edition includes fully updated data as well as coverage of contemporary topics – such as the #BlackLivesMatter movement and changing attitudes toward refugees – that help students see the relevance of course material to today’s world.

Table of contents

1. Exploring Race and Ethnicity
2. Prejudice
3. Discrimination
4. Immigration
5. Ethnicity, Whiteness, and Religion
6. The Nation as a Kaleidoscope

Published by Pearson (June 8th 2018) - Copyright © 2019