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Readers and Writers in Primary Grades: A Balanced and Integrated Approach, K-3, 4th edition

  • Martha Combs

Published by Pearson (May 1st 2009) - Copyright © 2010

4th edition


Readers and Writers in Primary Grades: A Balanced and Integrated Approach, K-3 uniquely focuses on the skills and practices reading teachers use to ensure that every child learns to read and write in the primary grades. A model of an integrated framework at the beginning of each chapter displays where reading components fit in a comprehensive reading program, as well as brief but concrete explanations of the theory behind this instruction. Thoroughy presented are the processes and procedures needed for integrating reading and writing into daily classroom practices.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Foundations of Language and Literacy                                    

Chapter 2 Learning about Words I: Making the Transition to Print           

Chapter 3 Learning about Words II: Phonics and Structural Analysis        

Chapter 4 Reading Aloud to Children: Foundations for Comprehension of Text 

Chapter 5 Shared Reading: Participating in a Community of Readers

Chapter 6 Guided Reading: Scaffolding Children’s Reading                      

Chapter 7 Shared and Interactive Writing: Learning in a Community of Writers 

Chapter 8 Guided and Independent Writing: Moving Toward Independence as Writers                                                                                                   

Part II Making Connections: Linking Children’s Learning Experiences within a Balanced Literacy Program                                                                                                 

Chapter 9 Literature Study:  Extending Whole Class, Small Group and Independent Engagement with Children’s Literature                                                                        

Chapter 10 Teaching a Basal Reading/Language Arts Series: Integrating Instruction to Maximize Children’s Learning                                                                                          

Chapter 11 Integrating Elements in a Literacy Framework: Teaching about Amphibians in Second Grade                                                                                                     


Appendix A Handbook of Children’s Literature                                       

Appendix B Sample Word Lists                                                              

Appendix C Pictures for Sorting Activities                                               


Name Index                                                                                            

Subject Index

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