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Real-World Investigations for Social Studies: Inquiries for Middle and High School Students Based on the Ten NCSS Standards, 1st edition

  • John D. Hoge
  • Sherry L. Field
  • Stuart J. Foster
  • Pat Nickell

Published by Pearson (August 13th 2003) - Copyright © 2004

1st edition


KEY BENEFIT: This innovative book presents case studies —called investigations— that combine ready-to-implement middle and high school lessons with complementary guidelines to demonstrate how the principles of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) can be used to meet NCSS social studies curriculum standards. This combination of CTL principles and NCSS standards creates a book that shows teachers-in-training examples of quality social studies instruction while simultaneously illustrating essential teaching methods. KEY TOPICS: Intended to develop the attributes necessary for informed citizenship, each investigation provides a sequence of lessons using the teaching/learning styles that research has shown to be most effective with these age groups. Each investigation requires readers to face problematic issues, research and analyze data, construct meaning and understanding, evaluate competing points-of-view, and, finally, reach and defend conclusions. All coverage keyed to NCSS standards—with an investigation for each of the ten mandated competencies. MARKET: Core or supplemental reading for middle and secondary social studies methods courses.

Table of contents

An Introduction to Contextual Teaching and Learning Methods.

 1. Is America United or Divided by Language?

 2. Crisis at Blue Ridge Leather: The Intersection of One Life with Historical Social Structures.

 3. The Lake Lanier Land Use Controversy.

 4. Getting a Job and Keeping It: Expectations in the Workplace.

 5. Defusing Hate: With Malice Toward None, With Charity For All.

 6. Mandatory School Uniforms: A Real-World Exploration of Power, Authority, and Governance.

 7. Pirates! From the High Seas to High Tech: The Great Debate over Music Piracy.

 8. To Be or Not to Be: The Zoo Is the Question.

 9. Confronting the Cycle of Poverty.

10. Connecting Students to Their Communities through Service.

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