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Reinforcing Ironwork Level 1, Trainee Guide in Spanish, 1st edition

Published by Pearson (September 18th 2009) - Copyright © 2009

1st edition

Reinforcing Ironwork Level 1, Trainee Guide in Spanish

ISBN-13: 9780136057376

Includes: Paperback
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Table of contents

39101-05 Concrete Reinforcement (40 Hours)

Instructs trainees on the selection and use of rebar, bar supports, and welded-wire fabric. It contains general procedures for cutting, bending, splicing, and tying rebar, and placement of steel in various types of footings, columns, walls, and slabs.


39102-05 Concrete Reinforcement Safety (15 Hours)

Focuses on safety topics of particular concern to the reinforcing ironworker, including rebar-related hazards, fall protection, use of positioning devices, PPE, excavations, and lifting/carrying techniques.


39103-05 Rigging Equipment (10 Hours)

Describes the use and inspection of basic equipment and hardware used in rigging, including slings, wire rope, chains, and attaching hardware such as shackles, eyebolts, and hooks, as well as rigging knots. Explains sling angles. Describes the use of tuggers, jacks, hoists, and come-alongs.


39104-05 Rigging Practices (15 Hours)

Describes basic rigging and crane hazards and related safety procedures, provides an overview of personnel lifting and lift planning, and introduces crane load charts and load balancing. Includes instructions for rigging and lifting pipe.


39105-05 Commercial Blueprints (20 Hours)

Provides instruction on the format and content of the various drawings typically found in a commercial drawings package.


39106-05 Oxyfuel Cutting (17.5 Hours)

Explains the safety requirements for oxyfuel cutting. Identifies equipment and set-up requirements and explains how to light, adjust, and shut down oxyfuel equipment. Trainees will perform cutting techniques that include straight line, piercing, bevels, washing, and gouging.  

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