Report it in Writing, Canadian Edition, 1st edition

  • Debbie J. Goodman
  • H Carol Doughty

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Designed for use in two consecutive Police Foundations Program (PFP) courses: PFP 104, a generic college English course; and PFP 204, a course geared toward the forms of communication used in policing, specifically, report writing.

Adapted from the U.S. second edition, this text is essentially a structural workbook containing exercises on punctuation, grammar, parts of speech, etc., focused on the needs of Police Foundations students. Nine new rhetorical sections have been added to the Canadian edition, resulting in a text that is both a communications resource and a practical workbook.

Table of contents



Section I. Why Do Officers Need to Study Communications?

Section II. Notebooks.

Section III. Reports - Occurrence.

Section IV. Reports - Narrative.

Section V. Business Communications in Policing.

The Direct Method.

Section VI. The Memo.

E-Mail Messages.

Section VII. The Job Search Process.

The Business Letter.

The Covering Letter.

Section VIII. The Functional Résumé.

Section IX. Workshops.

Section X. Structure

Part A: Pre-test.

Part B: Parts of Speech.

Part C1: The Sentence.

Part C2: Sentences vs. Fragments.

Part C3: Run-on.

Part D: Word Usage.

Part E: Spelling and Capitalization.

Part F: Punctuation.

Part G1: Misplaced Modifiers.

Part G2: Active vs. Passive Voice.

Part G3: Subject-Verb Agreement.

Part G4: Pronoun Agreement.

Part H: Post-test.

Glossary of Writing Terms.

Further Readings.

Answer Key.


Published by Pearson Canada (December 13th 2002) - Copyright © 2003