Resources for Corequisite Composition Courses, 1st edition

  • Kathleen T. McWhorter


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For courses in English Composition with need for extensive prerequisite support, and institutions that are looking for a corequisite solution. 

Redesign the Learning Experience and reach every student at every level with the personalized and adaptive technology built into MyLab Reading and Writing Skills: Resources for Corequisite Composition Courses

MyLab Reading and Writing Skills: Resources for Corequisite Composition Courses fosters the reading, critical-thinking, and writing skills essential for college success. Designed to accompany a Pearson Revel™ composition course, or any credit-bearing composition course, the eText and MyLab program emphasizes contextualized learning with an integrated approach to reading and writing. Students develop basic vocabulary and comprehension competence, as well as an understanding of inferential and critical reading and thinking, as they learn to analyze and write arguments and documented papers. This first edition pays special attention to building proficiency in digital reading and identifying fake news.

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By combining trusted author content with digital tools and a flexible platform, MyLab [or Mastering] personalizes the learning experience and improves results for each student.When students enter your course with varying skill levels, MyLab can help you identify which students need extra support and provide them targeted practice and instruction outside of class.

Table of contents

Table of Contents: Pearson eText for MyLab Reading and Writing Skills: Resources for Corequisite Composition Courses 

  1. The Reading Process 
  2. The Writing Process 
  3. Vocabulary for Readers and Writers
  4. Main Ideas and Topic Sentences
  5. Supporting Details, Transitions, and Implied Main Ideas 
  6. Revising and Proofreading Paragraphs
  7. Reading and Writing Organizational Patterns
  8. Writing Essays and Documented Papers
  9. Critical Thinking: Reading and Writing 
  10. Analyzing Issues and Arguments

Table of Contents: MyLab Reading and Writing Skills: Resources for Corequisite Composition Courses

Reading and Writing Skills

  • Path Builder
  • Learning Path Modules
    • Introduction to Reading and Writing
    • Reading and Writing Paragraphs
    • Reading and Writing Essays
    • Recognizing and Using Patterns of Organization
    • Critical Thinking
    • Reading and Writing for Class
    • Reading and Writing from Sources
    • Handbook
  • Mastery Check

Reading Level

  • Initial Lexile Locator Test
  • Reading List
    • A Crow's Life(Selected)
    • Track and Field Meets
    • Painting and Realism
    • Drought
    • Chiune Sugihara: Japanese Diplomat
    • Elevators
    • Kinesics
    • Philosophers
    • Echolocation
    • Proxemics
    • Walt Whitman
    • Lost Colony
    • Honey
    • Runner Geb
    • Subway
    • Home Improvement
    • Job Interview
    • Online Shopping
    • Empathy
    • Michael Phelps
    • Travel Safety
    • Special Effects
    • Henry Darger
    • DIY (Do it Yourself) Culture
    • Atypical Music
    • Naica

Writing Practice

  • Effects of Technology
  • Persuasive Speech
  • Violence on Television
  • A Learning Experience
  • A Surprising Event
  • Today's Role Models
  • Local Issue
  • An Influential Friend
  • Apology
  • Environmental Change
  • Description: Democracy
  • Dress Codes
  • Review of a Novel
  • Consumer Reporter

ESL Skills

  • Path Builder
  • Learning Path Modules
    • Reading Skills: Level 1
    • Reading Skills: Level 2
    • Reading Skills: Level 3
    • Reading Skills: Level 4
    • Listening Skills: Level 1
    • Listening Skills: Level 2
    • Listening Skills: Level 3
    • Listening Skills: Level 4
    • Listening Skills: Level 5
    • Grammar Skills: Level 1
    • Grammar Skills: Level 2
    • Grammar Skills: Level 3
    • Grammar Skills: Level 4
    • Grammar Skills: Level 5
    • Grammar Skills: Level 6
  • Mastery Check

Study Skills

  • Learning Path Modules
    • Study Skills
    • Digital Literacy
    • College Success 
    • Mindset

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