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  5. Civilizations Past and Present, Combined Volume [RENTAL EDITION]

Revel for Civilizations Past and Present, Combined Volume -- Access Card, 13th edition

  • Robert R. Edgar
  • Neil J. Hackett
  • George F. Jewsbury
  • Barbara Molony
  • Matthew S Gordon

Published by Pearson (February 15th 2020) - Copyright © 2021

13th edition

Civilizations Past and Present, Combined Volume [RENTAL EDITION]

ISBN-13: 9780135200803

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For courses in world history.

A narrative exploration of world history and cultures
Civilizations Past and Present presents a survey of world history, treating the development and growth of civilization as a global phenomenon involving the interaction of all of the world’s cultures. The text includes all the elements of history — social, economic, political, military, religious, aesthetic, legal, and technological — to illustrate this global interaction. The 13th Edition has been substantially revised and made more concise while emphasizing world trends and carefully avoiding placing these trends within a Western conceptual basis.

Table of contents

  1. Stone Age Societies and the Earliest Civilizations of the Near East
  2. Early Chinese Civilization
  3. Early Indian Civilizations 
  4. The Greeks 2000–30 BCE 
  5. Rome, 900 BCE to 476 CE 
  6. The Eastern Mediterranean World, 300–950 CE
  7. The Islamic World, 950–1300 CE
  8. African Beginnings
  9. The Americas to 1500
  10. The Creation of Europe: 300–1500
  11. Culture, Power, and Trade in the Era of Asian Hegemony, 220–1350
  12. The Great Dynastic Empires of Eurasia, 1300–1650
  13. East Asian Cultural and Political Systems, 1300–1650
  14. New Ways of Thinking: 1300–1700: Renaissance, Reformations, and Scientific Revolution
  15. Global Encounters: Europe and the New World Economy, 1400–1650
  16. Europe: The Rise of the Nation States, 1500–1815
  17. Africa in the World Economy, 1650–1850
  18. Asian and Middle Eastern Empires and Nations, 1650–1815 
  19. The Americas, 1650–1825 
  20. The European Century, 1815–1914 
  21. Africa and the Near East During the Age of European Imperialism 
  22. Imperialism and Modernity in Asia and the Pacific, 1815–1914 
  23. The Americas, 1825–1914 
  24. World War I: The Origins and Consequences of a European Tragedy 
  25. The Failure of the Liberal Model and the Rise of Authoritarianism 
  26. World War II 
  27. Forging New Nations in Asia, 1910–1950 
  28. National Movements and the Drive for Independence in the Near East and Africa from the 1920s to 1950s 
  29. The West Since 1945: Cold War and Confused Peace 
  30. The Near East and Africa Since 1945 
  31. Latin America Since 1910 
  32. Asia and the South Pacific Since 1945

Volume I includes chapters 1–16; Volume II includes chapters 16–32. 

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