Revel for Fundamentals of Management, 9th edition

  • David A. DeCenzo
  • Stephen P. Robbins
  • Mary A. Coulter
  • Ian Anderson

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The world of business affects our lives every day, and “management” will affect the lives of all of us who work for a living. Fundamentals of Management, Ninth Canadian Edition delivers a text, supplemental materials, and online learning package that will engage students in a positive and direct manner as they build their fundamental knowledge of business in general and management in particular. In addition to viewing the material from the student perspective, our authors strove to facilitate the instructor’s use and application of the rich subject material and resources to provide a dynamic, interactive, and enjoyable classroom experience.

This brief paperback text gives students more depth and breadth of practical tools to practice their management skills than any other textbook. This edition continues its fresh approach to management coverage through current and relevant examples, updated theory, and a new pedagogically sound design.

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We are excited in the 7th Canadian edition, to continue to leverage Revel, an interactive eText platform that replaces the traditional text with an engaging learning experience that prepares students for class. Revel presents an  affordable, seamless blend of author-created digital text, media, and assessment based on learning science. With Revel, students are able to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience – anytime, anywhere, on any device, both online and offline.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Management and Organization
Supplement 1A: A Brief History of Management
Supplement 1B: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Organizations
Supplement 1C: Entrepreneurship
Chapter 2: Environmental Constraints on Managers
Chapter 3: Decision Making
Chapter 4: Planning and Strategic Management
Chapter 5: Organizational Structure and Design
Chapter 6: Human Resource Management
Chapter 7: Managing Innovation and Change
Chapter 8: Understanding Groups and Teams
Chapter 9: Motivating and Rewarding Employees
Chapter 10: Leadership
Chapter 11: Managing Communication and Information
Chapter 12: Foundations of Control
Chapter 13: Operations Management
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