Revel for Sociology, Ninth Canadian Edition -- Access Card, 9th edition

  • John J. Macionis
  • Linda M. Gerber

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Seeing Sociology in Everyday Life


The acclaimed gold standard of comprehensive introductory sociology texts, Sociology empowers students to apply the theories of sociology to their own lives. In 24 chapters, it provides students with an accessible and relevant introduction to the subject while providing a clear and balanced presentation of theory, cultivation of a global perspective and multicultural view.

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Table of contents

1   The Sociological Perspective

2   Sociological Investigation

3   Culture

4   Society

5   Socialization

6   Social Interaction in Everyday Life

7   Groups and Organizations

8   Sexuality and Society

9   Deviance

10  Social Stratification

11  Social Class in Canada

12  Global Stratification

13  Gender Stratification

14  Race and Ethnicity

15  Aging and the Elderly

16  The Economy and Work

17  Politics and Government

18  Family

19  Religion

20  Education

21  Health and Medicine

22  Population, Urbanization, and Environment

23  Collective Behaviour and Social Movements

24  Social Change: Traditional, Modern, and Postmodern Societies 

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