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Rockin' Out: Popular Music in the U.S.A, Updated Edition, 6th edition

  • Reebee Garofalo
  • Steven Waksman
Revel for Rockin' Out: Popular Music in the U.S.A, Updated Edition -- Instant Access

ISBN-13: 9780134323770

  • Revel
  • Instant Access

6th edition

Published byPearson (August 3rd 2016) - Copyright © 2017

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Instant access

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Examine the social and business sides of rock history
REVEL™ for Rockin' Out: Popular Music In the U.S.A. analyzes the music and business of rock ‘n’ roll. Covering topics such as the rise of television idols, the proliferation of alternative sounds, and the influence of digital production techniques, this comprehensive, introductory text takes readers from the invention of the phonograph to the promise of the Internet. Joining longtime author Reebee Garofalo for the Sixth Edition, co-author Steve Waksman — professor at Smith College and heavily published rock scholar — has thoroughly revised each chapter to include new research and more current literature.

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Table of contents

Introduction: Definitions, Themes, and Issues

1. Constructing Tin Pan Alley: From Minstrelsy to Mass Culture

2. Blues, Jazz, and Country: The Segregation of Popular Music

3. “Good Rockin’ Tonight”: The Rise of Rhythm and Blues

4. Crossing Cultures: The Eruption of Rock ‘n’ Roll

5. The Empire Strikes Back: The Reaction to Rock ‘n’ Roll

6. Popular Music and Political Culture: The Sixties

7. Music Versus Markets: The Fragmentation of Pop

8. Punk and Disco: The Poles of Pop

9. Are We the World?: Music Videos, Superstars, and Mega-Events

10. Rap and Metal: The Voices of Youth Culture

11. Repackaging Pop: The Changing Mainstream

12. Changing Channels: Music and Media in the New Millennium

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