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RTI and Mathematics: Practical Tools for Teachers in K-8 Classrooms, 1st edition

  • Regina Gresham
  • Mary E. Little

Published by Pearson (September 7th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

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RTI and Mathematics: Practical Tools for Teachers in K-8 Classrooms (2-downloads)

ISBN-13: 9780133007985

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Table of contents



Chapter 1: Response to Intervention in Mathematics

            What is Response to Instruction/Intervention (RTI)?

            What RTI is Not?

            Meeting the Instructional Needs of All Learners in Mathematics

            Connections: RTI with Common cord Standards and NCTM Focal Points in Mathematics

            Teacher’s Corner

Chapter 2: Setting the Stage for RTI in the Classroom by Understanding the Fundamentals

            RTI and How It Works

            Tiered Instruction-Why and How It Works

            Instructional Decision-making Processes for RTI Implementation

            Instructional Variables in the Mathematics Classroom

            Beginning and Delivering and Intervention Plan for Students

            Coordinating Interventions with Core Classroom Instruction

            Case Study-Revisited

            Teacher’s Corner

Chapter 3: Knowing the Students are Learning-Use of Assessment Data

            Understanding the Purposes and Types of Assessment

            Assessments used within RTI

            Using Assessment to Plan Instruction within RTI in Mathematics

            Teacher’s Corner

Chapter 4: Teaching All Students in My Classroom-Tier 1

            An Overview of Tier 1

            Universal Screening and Instructional Variables

            Effective Instruction in the Mathematics Classroom

            Differentiating Instruction

            Using Concrete Manipulatives and Multiple Representations

            Scaffolding Instruction for Mathematical Learning

            Curriculum Based Assessments for Instructional Decision-Making


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