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Sams Teach Yourself Google+ in 10 Minutes, 1st edition

  • PatriceAnne Rutledge

Published by Sams Publishing (October 31st 2011) - Copyright © 2012

1st edition

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Sams Teach Yourself Google+ in 10 Minutes

ISBN-13: 9780672335860

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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Table of contents

Introduction     1
Chapter 1 Introducing Google+     3
Exploring Google+     3
Signing Up for Google+     5
Signing In to Google+     13
Summary     14
Chapter 2 Working with Google+ Profiles     15
Understanding Google+ Profiles     15
Editing Your Google+ Profile     17
  Editing Your Profile’s About Tab     17
  Specifying the Tabs to Display on Your Profile     25
  Specifying Who Can Send You an Email     26
  Specifying the People to Display on Your Profile     27
  Viewing Your Profile as Others See It     29
Adding a Google+ Profile Button to Your Website     30
Summary     31
Chapter 3 Managing Your Network with Circles     33
Understanding Google+ Circles     33
Creating New Circles     34
  Adding People to Circles     36
  Adding People to Circles from the Find People Tab     37
  Adding Your Email Contacts     40
  Adding People from the Google+ Suggestions Section     44
  Add People from the Notifications Menu     45
  Adding People from Your Incoming Stream     47
  Adding People from Their Google+ Profile     48
  Sending Invitations to Friends     49
Managing Circles     51
  Viewing People in Your Circles     51
  Viewing People Who Added You to Their Circles     51
  Moving People from One Circle to Another     52
  Removing People from Circles     53
  Editing a Circle’s Name and Description     53
  Deleting a Circle     54
Summary     55
Chapter 4 Managing Google+ Settings and Privacy     57
Understanding Google+ Privacy     57
Managing Your Google Account Settings     57
  Using Multiple Sign-In     60
  Deleting Your Google+ Profile     62
  Deleting Your Google Account     64
Managing Your Privacy Settings     65
  Managing Privacy Settings for Your Google+ Profile     66
  Managing Google+ Sharing     67
  Managing Other Google+ Options     68
  Managing Google Privacy Options     68
Managing Google+ Settings     69
  Setting Delivery Preferences     70
  Specify Notification Preferences     71
  Enabling +1 Personalization     72
Specifying Your Preferred Languages     73
Backing Up Your Data     75
Managing Your Connected Accounts     77
  Showing Connected Account Links on Your Google+ Profile     78
  Connecting More Accounts     78
  Allowing Google+ to Search for Connected Accounts     79
Summary     79
Chapter 5 Sharing Content on Google+     81
Using the Share Box     81
  Formatting Your Posts     85

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