Simply AIX 4.3, 2nd edition

  • Casey Cannon
  • Scott Trent
  • Carolyn Jones

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The authoritative AIX 4.3 resource for new and experienced users!

Simply AIX 4.3 is a friendly, authoritative jumpstart for new AIX users-and a dynamite resource for anyone who wants to supercharge their AIX skills! Completely updated to reflect AIX 4.3's hottest new features, it includes dozens of new productivity and troubleshooting tips, direct from IBM insiders. You'll find detailed coverage of key topics including:

  • AIX 64-bit scalability and enterprise-class symmetric multiprocessing.
  • Web-based management: manage AIX systems from anywhere, anytime.
  • Maximizing availability with AIX and RS/6000 hardware.
  • Installation, configuration, and peripherals support.
  • Using SMIT to streamline AIX administration.
  • AIX internationalization techniques for global environments.

From Java support to Internet bug fixes, Web-based System Management or InfoExplorer, Simply AIX 4.3 is your single source for all the hard-to-find AIX information you need. It's the one book that will make you more productive with AIX-whether you are a new user or a veteran.

Table of contents

1. Customizing Your Environment.

Getting Started with the Desktop. Starting and Ending a Desktop Session. Using the Front Panel. Using Style Manager. Using File Manager. Using Application Manager. Using the Trash Can. Using Mailer. Using the Text Editor. Using Calendar. Using dtterm. Getting Help.

2. Using AIX.

Command—Are These Real Words? User Configuration—What Environment Am I In? Shells. Fun Commands. AIX Commands.

3. I Know Windows/DOS, What's AIX?

OK, Give Me Some Hints. DOS Windows and AIX Windows Are Easy! Cnb Notes: DOS to AIX. File Names. Wildcards. File Attributes. Directories. DOS Functions in AIX. SoftWindows Runs Microsoft Windows and Spreadsheets! AIX Connections Brings Them All Together.

4. Editors.

Emacs. Common Desktop Environment—Text Editor. INed. Editor FAQs. Reference Charts. References.

5. installing AIX.

How to Get AIX Up and Running. How is AIX Packaged? All Right! Installation Assistance! Network Installation Manager.

6. Setting up Peripherals.

Using SMIT to Install Devices. Printers.

7. Communicating with the World.

AIX Web Browsers & Servers: AIX WebExplorer, Netscape, Mosaic. AIX Welcome Center. AIX 4.2 Bonus Pack: Java, Adobe Acrobat, Ultimedia, etc. AIX Connections Bring Them All Together. File Transfer, Remote Login. E-Mail. Distributed File Systems.

8. SMIT Happens! Administering AIX.

System Management Interface Tool (SMIT). Distributed System Management (or Why Just Worry About One Machine When You Can Multitask?!). Web-based System Manager. Backup—and Make Restore an Option!

9. AIX Speaks Your Language: Internationalization.

Why Should I Care About Speaking Your Language? I'm Convinced! How do I Get AIX to Speak My Language? This is Interesting! Tell Me More! References.

10. All the Help You Need.

Unlimited ON-line Information. 1-800-IBM-4FAX, Lots of Information for FREE. IBMRS/6000 Welcome Center. AIX and RS/6000: Resources on the Net. IBM RS/6000 Power Net Marketing Support Program. RS/6000 Technical Support. AIX News Groups. RS/6000 Talk Radio.

11. Gathering up the Pieces.

Performance Tools for System Management. The AIX Development Environment. Security and System Management. FixDist—How to get the Latest Bug Fixes from the Internet. AIX PitStop—How to Resolve Common AIX Problems.

12. IBM Developer Connection for AIX CD-ROM.

What is the IBM Developer Connection for AIX Program? CD-ROM Installation. Contents of IBM Developer Connection for AIX CD-ROM.

13. Kick StartYour Enterprise: The RS/6000 System Family.

Large Scale Servers. Enterprise Servers. Workgroup Servers and/or Workstation.

Appendixes. AIX Man Pages.

Appendix A. Directory Commands.

Appendix B. File Manipulation Commands.

Appendix C. Backup Commands.

Appendix D. Miscellaneous Commands.

Appendix E. Connectivity Commands.

Published by Pearson (February 17th 1999) - Copyright © 1999