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Skills for Success with Office 2013 Volume 1, 1st edition

  • Catherine Hain
  • Stephanie Murre-Wolf
  • Kris Townsend


For use in the Office Applications course or readers that need to get started with Microsoft Office 2013.


Skills for Success is the Microsoft Office 2013 standalone textbook that recognizes how readers learn today!


The Office Skills text that was designed with today's students–and the way today's readers use an Office textbook–in mind.   


With Skills for Success, Microsoft Office 2013 is at your fingertips!

  • With Office 2013, Microsoft is taking the office to the cloud.  You can now open and save your files from any computer without a USB flash drive.
  • The Skills for Success series shows students how to get the most out of Office 2013 no matter what device they are using—a traditional desktop or tablet.
  • Whether you are tapping and sliding with your finger or clicking and dragging with the mouse, Skills for Success shows you the way.


Teaching and Learning Experience

This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students. Here’s how:

  • Personalized Learning: MyITLab delivers proven results in helping students succeed, provides engaging experiences that personalize learning, and comes from a trusted partner with educational expertise and a deep commitment to helping students and instructors achieve their goals.
  • Designed for a New Generation of Learners: The Skills for Success series is specifically designed to enhance usability and fit the work style of today’s students.
  • Support for Students and Instructors: Supplements enhance the learning process for students, while instructor resources are designed to make your life easier.


NOTE: This is the standalone book, if you want the Book/Access Card order the ISBN below: 


0133894266 / 9780133894264 Skills for Success with Office 2013 Volume 1 & MyITLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Skills for Success with Office 2013 Package 


Package consists of:   

0133512118 / 9780133512113 Skills for Success with Office 2013 Volume 1

0133775046 / 9780133775044 MyITLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Skills for Success with Office 2013

Table of contents

Table of Contents

Part 1 | Technology


Chapter 1 Getting Started with Computer Concepts

Concept 1 The Computer Is a System

Concept 2 Common Operating Systems

Concept 3 Input Devices

Concept 4 Storage Devices

Concept 5 Apps and Applications

Concept 6 Networks

Concept 7 Cloud Computing

Concept 8 Share Files with Others

Concept 9 Office 365

Concept 10 Buying a Computer

Chapter 2 Getting Started with Windows 8

Skill 1 Sign In to Windows 8

Skill 2 Work with Store Apps

Skill 3 Create and Save Documents

Skill 4 Search for Applications, Files, and Settings

Skill 5 Download and Unzip Student Data Files

Skill 6 View Files in File Explorer

Skill 7 Search for and Copy Files

Skill 8 Move, Rename, and Delete Files

Skill 9 Personalize the Desktop and Create Snips

Skill 10 Print, Restore Settings, and Sign Out

More Skills

Skill 11 Customize the Start Screen

Skill 12 Modify the Desktop

Skill 13 Switch to a Microsoft Account

Skill 14 Use the SkyDrive App

Chapter 3 Browse with Internet Explorer

Skill 1 Browse from the Start Screen

Skill 2 Browse from the Desktop and Add Favorites

Skill 3 Navigate and Search Websites

Skill 4 Use Accelerators and Search Providers

Skill 5 Manage Browser Tabs

Skill 6 Organize Favorites

Skill 7 Print and Save Web Pages

Skill 8 View and Delete Browsing History

Skill 9 Protect Online Privacy

Skill 10 Manage Pop–ups and Check Website Safety

More Skills

Skill 11 Change Your Home Page

Skill 12 Add Navigation Tiles to the Start Screen

Skill 13 Add Tracking Protection

Skill 14 Change Internet Security Settings


Part 2 | Getting Started with Microsoft Office Applications

Chapter 1 Common Features of Office 2013

Skill 1 Start Office Applications

Skill 2 Create Documents from Templates

Skill 3 Type and Edit Text

Skill 4 Save Files and Create Folders

Skill 5 Apply Themes and Format Text

Skill 6 Preview and Print Documents

Skill 7 Open and Save Student Data Files

Skill 8 Format Worksheets

Skill 9 Copy and Paste Objects and Format Slides

Skill 10 Format Access Reports

More Skills

Skill 11 Store Office Files on SkyDrive

Skill 12 Use Office Help

Skill 13 Send Files as E–mail Attachments

Skill 14 Optimize Office 2013 RT



Part 3 | Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word

Introduction to Word

Chapter 1 Create Letters and Memos

Skill 1 Type Letter Text

Skill 2 Apply Styles and Set Grammar and Spelling Options

Skill 3 Select and Insert Text

Skill 4 Copy, Cut, and Paste Text

Skill 5 Check Spelling and Grammar

Skill 6 Check Writing Style and Insert Synonyms

Skill 7 Use Format Painter

Skill 8 Apply Advanced Font Settings

Skill 9 Create Document Footers

Skill 10 Save Documents as PDF Files

More Skills

Skill 11 Prepare Documents for Distribution

Skill 12 Insert Screen Shots into Documents

Skill 13 Split and Arrange Windows

Skill 14 Insert Symbols

Chapter 2 Create Business Reports

Skill 1 Find and Replace Text

Skill 2 Insert and Modify Footnotes

Skill 3 Add Sources

Skill 4 Insert Citations and Bibliographies

Skill 5 Format Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Skill 6 Set Paragraph Indents

Skill 7 Modify Line and Paragraph Spacing

Skill 8 Set Line and Page Break Options and Modify Styles

Skill 9 View Multiple Pages and Set Margins

Skill 10 Create Custom Headers and Footers

More Skills

Skill 11 Record AutoCorrect Entries

Skill 12 Use AutoFormat to Create Numbered Lists

Skill 13 Format and Customize Lists

Skill 14 Create Standard Outlines

Chapter 3 Create Flyers

Skill 1 Insert Text and Pictures from Files

Skill 2 Resize and Align Pictures

Skill 3 Apply Picture Styles and Artistic Effects

Skill 4 Set Tab Stops

Skill 5 Type Tabbed Lists

Skill 6 Apply Table Styles

Skill 7 Create Tables

Skill 8 Delete and Add Table Rows and Columns

Skill 9 Format Text in Table Cells

Skill 10 Format Tables

More Skills

Skill 11 Insert Text Boxes

Skill 12 Format with WordArt

Skill 13 Convert Text into Tables

Skill 14 Insert Drop Caps

Chapter 4 Create Newsletters and Mail Merge Documents

Skill 1 Modify Themes and Create Columns

Skill 2 Modify Margins and Columns

Skill 3 Apply Text Effects

Skill 4 Create Styles

Skill 5 Add Borders and Shading to Paragraphs and Pages

Skill 6 Insert and Adjust Online Pictures

Skill 7 Insert SmartArt

Skill 8 Format SmartArt

Skill 9 Create Labels Using Mail Merge

Skill 10 Preview and Print Mail Merge Documents

More Skills

Skill 11 Optimize Documents for Read Mode

Skill 12 Work in Outline View

Skill 13 Manage Document Properties

Skill 14 Save Documents as Web Pages

Word Capstone Project

Integrated Project 1: Format Academic Reports and Include Information from the Web

Integrated Project 2: Use Excel Data in Word Mail Merge

Word Web App Project: Create Flyers Using Word Web App


Microsoft Excel

Introduction to Excel

Chapter 1 Create Workbooks with Excel 2013

Skill 1 Create and Save Workbooks

Skill 2 Enter Data and Merge and Center Titles

Skill 3 Construct Addition and Subtraction Formulas

Skill 4 Construct Multiplication and Division Formulas

Skill 5 Adjust Column Widths and Apply Cell Styles

Skill 6 Insert the SUM Function

Skill 7 AutoFill Formulas and Data

Skill 8 Format, Edit, and Check Spelling

Skill 9 Insert Footers and Adjust Page Settings

Skill 10 Display Formulas and Print Worksheets

More Skills

Skill 11 Create Workbooks from Templates

Skill 12 Insert Names into Formulas

Skill 13 Create Templates

Skill 14 Manage Document Properties

Chapter 2 Insert Summary Functions and Create Charts

Skill 1 Align and Wrap Text

Skill 2 Apply Absolute Cell References

Skill 3 Format Numbers

Skill 4 Insert the AVERAGE Function

Skill 5 Insert the MIN and MAX Functions

Skill 6 Create Column Charts

Skill 7 Format Column Charts

Skill 8 Create and Format Pie Charts

Skill 9 Update Charts and Insert WordArt

Skill 10 Preview and Print Multiple Worksheets

More Skills

Skill 11 Insert, Edit, and Delete Comments

Skill 12 Change Chart Types

Skill 13 Copy Excel Data to Word Documents

Skill 14 Fill Data with Flash Fill

Chapter 3 Manage Multiple Worksheets

Skill 1 Organize Worksheet Tabs

Skill 2 Enter and Format Dates

Skill 3 Clear Cell Contents and Formats

Skill 4 Move Cell Contents and Use Paste Options

Skill 5 Enter Data in Grouped Worksheets

Skill 6 Insert Multiple Math Operators in Formulas

Skill 7 Format Grouped Worksheets

Skill 8 Insert, Hide, Delete, and Move Worksheets

Skill 9 Create Summary Worksheets

Skill 10 Create Clustered Bar Charts

More Skills

Skill 11 Create Organization Charts

Skill 12 Create Line Charts

Skill 13 Set and Clear Print Areas

Skill 14 Create, Edit, and Delete Hyperlinks

Chapter 4 More Functions and Excel Tables

Skill 1 Insert the TODAY, NOW, and COUNT Functions

Skill 2 Insert the IF Function

Skill 3 Move Functions, Add Borders, and Rotate Text

Skill 4 Apply Conditional Formatting

Skill 5 Insert Sparklines

Skill 6 Use Find and Replace

Skill 7 Freeze and Unfreeze Panes

Skill 8 Create, Sort, and Filter Excel Tables

Skill 9 Filter Data

Skill 10 Convert Tables to Ranges, Hide Rows and Columns, and Format Large Worksheets

More Skills

Skill 11 Apply Conditional Color Scales with Top and Bottom Rules and Clear Rules

Skill 12 Insert the Payment (PMT) Function

Skill 13 Create PivotTable Reports

Skill 14 Use Goal Seek

Excel Capstone Project

Integrated Project 3: Copy Word Tables into Excel Worksheets

Integrated Project 4: Link Data from Excel



Microsoft Access

Introduction to Access

Chapter 1 Create Database Tables

Skill 1 Create Databases

Skill 2 Create Tables in Datasheet View

Skill 3 Enter Data into Datasheets

Skill 4 Create Tables in Design View

Skill 5 Relate Tables

Skill 6 Enter Data in Related Tables

Skill 7 Import Data into Tables

Skill 8 Filter and Sort Datasheets

Skill 9 Format Datasheets

Skill 10 Preview and Print Datasheets

More Skills

Skill 11 Compact and Repair Databases

Skill 12 Work with the Long Text Data Type

Skill 13 Work with the Attachment Data Type

Skill 14 Work with the Hyperlink and Yes/No Data Types

Chapter 2 Create Select Queries

Skill 1 Create Queries with the Simple Query Wizard

Skill 2 Add Text Criteria

Skill 3 Add Calculated Fields to Tables

Skill 4 Create Queries in Design View

Skill 5 Add Comparison Operators

Skill 6 Add Date and Time Criteria

Skill 7 Group and Total Queries

Skill 8 Add Calculated Fields to Queries

Skill 9 Work with Logical Operators

Skill 10 Add Wildcards to Query Criteria

More Skills

Skill 11 Export Queries to Excel

Skill 12 Export Queries as Web Pages

Skill 13 Link to External Data Sources

Skill 14 Create Crosstab Queries

Chapter 3 Create Forms

Skill 1 Use the Form Wizard

Skill 2 Use Forms to Modify Data

Skill 3 Format Forms in Layout View

Skill 4 Add Controls and Conditional Formatting

Skill 5 Use the Form Tool

Skill 6 Work with Tabular Layouts

Skill 7 Add Input Masks

Skill 8 Change Data in One–to–Many Forms

Skill 9 Create Forms from Queries

Skill 10 Create Navigation Forms

More Skills

Skill 11 Validate Fields

Skill 12 Create Databases from Templates

Skill 13 Create Macros

Skill 14 Create Access Apps

Chapter 4 Create Reports

Skill 1 Build Queries for Reports

Skill 2 Create Reports Using the Report Tool

Skill 3 Format Reports

Skill 4 Add Totals to Reports

Skill 5 Preview and Print Reports

Skill 6 Create Reports with the Blank Report Tool

Skill 7 Group and Sort Reports

Skill 8 Modify Report Layouts

Skill 9 Filter Reports

Skill 10 Create Label Reports

More Skills

Skill 11 Import Objects from Other Databases

Skill 12 Export Reports to Word

Skill 13 Save Reports as PDF Documents

Skill 14 Save Reports as Web Pages and Save Export Steps

Access Capstone Project

Integrated Project 6: Create Envelopes from Access Queries

Integrated Project 5: Refer to Cells in Other Workbooks

Excel Web App Project: Create Workbooks Using Excel Web App

Integrated Project 7: Export Access Data to Word Documents

Access Web App Project: Create OneNote Notebooks


Microsoft PowerPoint

Introduction to PowerPoint

Chapter 1 Getting Started with PowerPoint 2013

Skill 1 Open, View, and Save Presentations

Skill 2 Edit and Replace Text

Skill 3 Format Slide Text

Skill 4 Check Spelling and Use the Thesaurus

Skill 5 Insert Slides and Modify Slide Layouts

Skill 6 Insert and Format Pictures

Skill 7 Organize Slides in Slide Sorter View

Skill 8 Apply Slide Transitions and View Slide Shows

Skill 9 Insert Headers and Footers and Print Handouts

Skill 10 Add Notes Pages and Use Presenter View

More Skills

Skill 11 Add Online Pictures

Skill 12 Print Presentations, Notes Pages, and Custom Ranges

Skill 13 Move and Delete Slides in Normal View

Skill 14 Change Slide Size and Orientation

Chapter 2 Format a Presentation

Skill 1 Create New Presentations

Skill 2 Change Themes and Variants

Skill 3 Change Font Colors and Effects

Skill 4 Format Slide Backgrounds with Fill

Skill 5 Add Pictures and Textures to Slide Backgrounds

Skill 6 Format Text with WordArt

Skill 7 Change Character Spacing

Skill 8 Modify Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Skill 9 Move and Copy Text and Objects

Skill 10 Use Format Painter and Clear All Formatting

More Skills

Skill 11 Edit Slide Masters

Skill 12 Save and Apply Presentation Templates

Skill 13 Create Slides from Microsoft Word Outlines

Skill 14 Design Presentations with Contrast

Chapter 3 Enhance Presentations with Graphics

Skill 1 Insert Slides from Other Presentations

Skill 2 Insert, Size, and Move Online Pictures

Skill 3 Modify Picture Shapes, Borders, and Effects

Skill 4 Insert, Size, and Move Shapes

Skill 5 Add Text to Shapes and Insert Text Boxes

Skill 6 Apply Gradient Fills and Group and Align Graphics

Skill 7 Convert Text to SmartArt Graphics and Add Shapes

Skill 8 Modify SmartArt Layouts, Colors, and Styles

Skill 9 Insert Video Files

Skill 10 Apply Video Styles and Adjust Videos

More Skills

Skill 11 Compress Pictures

Skill 12 Save Groups as Picture Files

Skill 13 Change Object Order

Skill 14 Insert a Screen Shot in a Presentation

Chapter 4 Present Data Using Tables, Charts, and Animation

Skill 1 Insert Tables

Skill 2 Modify Table Layouts

Skill 3 Apply Table Styles

Skill 4 Insert Column Charts

Skill 5 Edit and Format Charts

Skill 6 Insert Pie Charts

Skill 7 Apply Animation Effects and Change Duration

Skill 8 Modify Animation Timings and Use Animation Painter

Skill 9 Delay or Remove Animation

Skill 10 Navigate Slide Shows

More Skills

Skill 11 Save Presentations to CDs

Skill 12 Insert Hyperlinks in Presentations

Skill 13 Create Photo Albums

Skill 14 Add Images to Tables

PowerPoint Capstone Project

Integrated Project 8: Copy and Paste Between Office Programs

Integrated Project 9: Send PowerPoint Handouts to Word

PowerPoint Web App Project: Create Presentations Using the PowerPoint Web App





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