Software Engineering for Real-Time Systems, 1st edition

  • Jim Cooling

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This text provides a firm foundation in the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to develop and produce real-time, and in particular, embedded systems. It provides the arguments, examples, techniques and methodologies to demonstrate that the discipline of software engineering has much to offer the developer of real-time software.   Written in an accessible style and complemented by numerous diagrams, it guides the reader through the steps of a total design approach: from initial definition of the task, through fundamentals of analysis, specification and design, to design methods and development tools, and finally documentation procedures.   The comprehensive coverage and real-world perspective makes the book accessible and appealing to both beginners and experienced designers.

Table of contents

1. Real-time systems; Setting the scene 2. The search for dependable software 3. First steps - requirements analysis and specification 4. Software and program design concepts 5. Operating sytems for real-time applications 6. Practical aspects of real-time operating systems 7. Diagramming - an introduction. 8. Practical diagramming method 9. Designing and constructing software - code-related issues 10. Software analysis and design - methods and methodologies 11. Analysing and testing source code 12. Development tools 13. Mission-critical and safety-critical systems 14. Performance engineering 15. Documentation

Published by Pearson (October 11th 2002) - Copyright © 2003