Story and History: Western Civilization Since 1550, 1st edition

  • Robert C. Davis

Story and History: Western Civilization Since 1550 (Subscription)

ISBN-13:  9780134869629

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For courses in Western Civilization: Volume 2 (after 1650)

Humanize history through a narrative storytelling approach
Story and History: Western Civilization since 1550 brings the last 500 years in the West to life through inspiring stories that captivate students and get them deeply involved with the underlying historical issues. Rather than using a typical facts-and-dates approach, author Robert Davis presents a series of engaging narratives populated by a cast of relatable historical figures, both famous and relatively unknown. These stories humanize history, provide context for students, and open the door to exploring the themes that have shaped the West. Marrying the drama and storytelling of vintage histories with the scientific, analytic approach that historians take today, Story and History offers a fresh, more engaging way to teach Western Civilization Volume 2.

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