Strategic Management: A Casebook, 8th edition

  • Mary M. Crossan
  • Pratima Bansal
  • J Peter Killing
  • Roderick E. White
  • Charlene Zietsma

Strategic Management: A Casebook

ISBN-13:  9780132066679


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This text supports Strategy and Policy courses by providing high-quality, class-tested cases with the underlying theme of a general manager facing issues of strategy formulation and implementation, strategic change, and personal action. Cases include those from the Richard Ivey School of Business, Harvard Business School, IMD, and independent sources.

Table of contents



Preface    xi

Introduction    xiii


PART ONE: Introduction to Strategic Management


1          Meg Whitman: The Driving Force Behind eBay


2          Shimla Dairy Products Private Limited, India: Poised For Growth?   


PART TWO: Strategy–Environment


3             Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2006


4              Non Stop Yacht, S.L.


5          Dell Computer Corporation: Investment in Malaysia as a Global Strategic Tool  


6          Loblaw Companies Limited


7          Apple Computer, Inc.: iPod and iTunes


8              WestJet: The Pearson Decision


9              Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


PART THREE: Strategy–Resources


10        Harlequin Enterprises: The MIRA Decision   


11        Starbucks    


12        Meubles Canadel: Looking Towards the Future    


13          Harley-Davidson, Inc.    


14          McDonald’s and the McCafé Coffee Initiative


PART FOUR: Strategy–Organization


15        GE Energy Management Initiative (A)


16        Loewen Group   


17        YMCA of London, Ontario        


PART FIVE: Strategy–Management Preferences


18        Cameco in Kyrgyzstan: Corporate Social Responsibility Abroad


19          Merck & Co. Inc.    


20        Care Kenya: Making Social Enterprise Sustainable


21        Strategic Crossroads at Matav: Hungary's Telecommunications Powerhouse


PART SIX: Scope of the Firm


22        KTM - Ready to Race


23        Newell Company: The Rubbermaid Opportunity   


24        ING Direct: Considering E-Brokering


PART SEVEN: Implementing Strategy


25        Campbell Soup Company Ltd.


26        Activplant: The European Opportunity


27        Bell Canada: The VoIP Challenge




PART EIGHT: Strategic Analysis and Personal Action


29        Research in Motion: The Acquisition of Slangsoft (A)


30        Maple Leaf Consumer Foods — Fixing Hot Dogs (A)


31          Greg Dyke: Taking the Helm at the BBC (A)


32        Sabena Belgian World Airlines (A)    


PART NINE: Comprehensive


33        Nestlé-Rowntree (A)    


34        Henry Birks & Sons, Inc.


35        Restructuring CNPC and the Proposed Listing of PetroChina



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