Strategies for Creative Problem-Solving, 1st edition

  • H Scott Fogler
  • Steven E. LeBlanc

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Designed to help problem solvers improve their street smarts, this hands-on guide examines the components of problem solving, and presents a series of graduated exercises — drawn from a variety of industrial applications — to familiarize, reinforce, challenge, and stretch readers creatively in the problem solving process. KEY TOPICS: Leads readers step-by-step through a complete problem-solving process — from encountering an ill-defined problem to identifying the real problem, effectively exploring constraints, planning a robust approach, carrying it through to a viable solution, and then evaluating what has been accomplished. MARKETS: For students, new professionals, and practitioners.

Table of contents

1. Introduction: A Rationale for Problem Solving Strategies.

2. A Heuristic.

3. Problem Definition.

4. Generating Alternatives.

5. Decide the Course of Action.

6. Carry Through.

7. Evaluation.


Published by Pearson (August 22nd 1994) - Copyright © 1995