Strategies For Success: Study Skills for the College Math Student, 2nd edition

  • Lynn Marecek
  • MaryAnne Anthony-Smith

Strategies For Success: Study Skills for the College Math Student

ISBN-13:  9780321969880

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Strategies for Success, Second Edition provides a series of study skills activities designed to foster student success in college mathematics. Lynn Marecek and MaryAnne Anthony-Smith encourage students to take an active approach in determining what they need to do to become successful math students. These proven, class-tested activities have been developed over many semesters from the authors’ firsthand experience with their own students.


This workbook contains 44 activities, in ready-to-use worksheet format. The activities can be used in several ways–individual work, group work, or large group discussion. They can be used in class or assigned as homework. An accompanying Instructor’s Guide is available that contains instructions and implementation strategies for each activity to help instructors easily integrate Strategies for Success into their classes.


Some of the topics covered include Notebook Preparation, Reading a Math Textbook, Successful Student Behavior, Time Management, Test Preparation Skills, Study Group Ideas, and much more. The Second Edition also includes several new activities that focus on specific study skills needed by students doing their homework exercises on a computer in online, hybrid, emporium, or redesign formats.

Table of contents

Preface to the Instructor

Preface to the Student

1. Syllabus Search

2. Notebook Preparation

3. Reading the Textbook Part l–Forming Good Habits

4. Reading the Textbook Part ll-–Reading your Math Book Effectively

5. Taking Notes Part l–Notes from Reading the Text

6. Math Autobiography

7. On Time and Ready To Go!

8. Test Preparation Skills

9. Test Stress Reduction

10. Test Taking Skills

11. Post Test Check up

12. Test Analysis

13. Know Where You Stand

14. Successful Student Behavior

15. Email Etiquette

16. Textbook Tour

17. Time Management Part l–Managing Your Weekly Schedule

18. Time Management Part ll–Managing Your Schedule for the Term

19. Homework Skills

20. Taking Notes Part ll–Doing Online Homework

21. Mid-term Check up Part l–Making the Grade

22. Mid-term Check up-Part ll–Evaluating Your Study Habits

23. Attendance

24. Study Group

25. Help!

26. Preparing to Get Help

27. Goals

28. Thoughts in Charge!

29. Neutralize Negative Thoughts

30. Intervention Strategies for Negative Thoughts

31. Can You Hear Me Now???

32. A Gift to Yourself

33. Math Plan

34. The End is in Sight!

35. Excuses! Excuses!

36. Excuses! Excuses!–Online Homework Version

37. Support from Family and Friends

38. Stay on Campus — Stay on Task!

39. Final Exam Prep Part l–Get the Facts and Get Organized

40. Final Exam Prep Part ll–Make a Study Plan

41. Final Exam Prep Part lll–Make a Time Management Plan

42. Grade Check Up

43. Look Back, Look Forward

44. Reward Yourself!


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