Structural Principles, 1st edition

  • Irving Engel

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  • includes such topics as bracing of buildings, fundamental concepts of prestressing, and optimization of structural elements.
  • provides many text; problem solving assignments at the end of each chapter.
  • also contains an appendix with data necessary for problem solving.

Table of contents


 1. Concurrent and Coplanar Forces.

 2. Non-Concurrent Forces.

 3. Center of Gravity.

 4. Structural Framing.

 5. Trussed Structures.

 6. Introduction to Elastic Theory.

 7. Shear Arches.

 8. Shearing Unit Stress.

 9. Design of Wood Beams.

10. Combined Materials.

11. Reinforced Concrete Working Stress.

12. Composite Sections.

13. Reinforced Concrete-Ultimate Strength.

14. Deflection of Structural Members.

15. Structural Continuity.

16. Columns.

17. Combined Stress and Prestressing.

18. Structural Optimization.


Published by Pearson (April 25th 1984) - Copyright © 1984