Study Skills for Business and Management Students, 1st edition

  • Paul Ramsay
  • Geraldine Price
  • Pat Maier

Study Skills for Business and Management Students

ISBN-13:  9781408236994


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This book will target the specific needs of Business and Management students to ensure that these students get the most relevant and most useful study skills advice possible. Offering valuable guidance to the core areas of practical and transferable skills needed specifically by Business and Management students, this book provides advice in a relevant and targeted way to help students assess their own performance, identify areas for improvement and see a real progress in their development.

Table of contents

How to use this book
Learning in Higher Education
Behaving professionally


1   Manage yourself

1   Managing your time

2   Managing your stress

3   Learning part time, online and on a work placement

2   Improve your work

4   Getting the most out of lectures

5   Working in a real and diverse team

6   Presenting your work

7   Reading critically

8   Excelling in exams

3   Apply your thinking skills

9   Thinking critically

10   Understanding the value of reflection

11   Approaching numerical problems

4   Develop your business writing

12   Understanding academic integrity: learner ethics and plagiarism

13   Taking control of the writing process 

14   Improving your writing in business and management studies  

15   Developing your reflective writing


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