Success Secrets of University Students, 1st edition

  • Lilly J. Schubert Walker
  • Dieter Jurgen Schonwetter

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Appropriate for first year university students in all disciplines.

Using an integrated self-development focus, research-based skills and practical exercises, Success Secrets of University Students provides the tools necessary for students to achieve success in university. Seven core themes are presented: searching for connection, uncovering self-mastery strategies, communicating effectively, creating community, evaluating learning strategies, solving problems and seeking personal and professional success.

Table of contents


1. Understanding Success through Self-Theory.

Secret 1: S earching for Connection.

2. How Prepared Are You?

3. Connecting to the University Environment.

Secret 2: U ncovering Self-mastery Strategies.

4. Developing Success-focused Learning Strategies.

5. Goals and Academic Success.

6. Managing Time and Life in Terms of Academic Success.

7. Developing Effective Learning Strategies.

Secret 3: C ommunicating Effectively.

8. The Writing Process.

9. Talking with Others.

Secret 4: C reating Community.

10. Dealing with Diversities in Life Successfully.

Secret 5: E valuating Learning Strategies.

11. Evaluating Learning Styles.

Secret 6: S olving Problems.

12. Thinking Critically and Solving Problems Creatively.

Secret 7: S eeking Personal and Professional Success.

13. Designing your Future.




Published by Pearson Canada (August 12th 2002) - Copyright © 2003