Sustainability and Environmental Economics: An Alternative Text, 1st edition

  • John Bowers
  • John Bowers

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This concise text provides an introduction to the concepts and theories of environmental economics for students of environmental science, geography and economics. John Bowers, an environmental economist who has worked with numerous environmental and conservation organisations, presents a critical analysis of the neoclassical approach to environmental economics. He offers new insights on the choice of instruments for environmental policy, on valuing the environment and on criteria for achieving sustainable development.

Table of contents

Economic Preliminaries
1. Environmental Problems and Environmental Economics
2. The Economist's View of the World
3. Market Failure and the Environment
The Choice of Instruments for Environmental Policies
4. The Economic Theory of Pollution
5. A Critique of the Pigovian Model of Pollution
6. Choice of Instruments for Pollution Policy
7. Nitrate Pollution
8. Domestic Waste
9. Atmospheric Emissions from Road Transport
Cost-Benefit Analysis
10. Principles of Cost-Benefit Analysis
11. Valuing the Environment
12. Cost-Benefit Analysis in Practice
Sustainable Development
13. Exhaustible Resources
14. Renewable Resources
15. Sustainability and Sustainable Development
16. Instruments for Biodiversity Policy
17. Global Atmospheric Pollution
18. Restrospect: Sustainability, Economics and the Environment
Further Reading: A Brief Guide

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Published by Pearson (March 6th 1997) - Copyright © 1997