Thank You for Your Leadership: The Power of Distributed Leadership in a Digital Conversion Model, 1st edition

  • Mark A. Edwards


Thank you for Your Leadership is a unique look toward getting leaders at all levels to work, interact, examine impact, and learn from implementation. In it the author shows how the digital conversion initiative at the Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD) has worked successfully through integration with pedagogy and by interlocking leaders throughout the system. Through his experience as a principal, dean, and superintendent, Dr. Edwards has observed leadership in schools, school systems, grade levels, departments, classrooms, communities, and organizations, and has noted the impact leaders have had on the culture of each group. In this new book Dr. Edwards discusses a practical new view of leadership he calls “second-order leadership” that integrates leadership into every aspect of district life, from hiring procedures to student and parent leadership.


Dr. Edwards clarifies the concept of distributed leadership with insights into cultural conditions, alignment with the vision, and leadership pathways that have fostered leadership throughout his district. He also outlines practical strategies to help other districts spread leadership more broadly and improve teaching and learning to the benefit of students.


Table of contents

Brief Contents

About the Author / Acknowledgment / Foreword by Michael Fullan

Prologue: Moving Toward a New View of Leadership

1.         Distributed Leadership and High-Performance Teaching and Learning

2.         Leaders with a Shared Vision

3.         Aligning Leaders with the Mission

4.         Cultural Conditions for Shared Leadership

5.         Everyday Pathways to Leadership

6.         Formal Programs of Leadership Growth

7.         Leading with Formative Power

8.         Tough Stuff

9.         Second-Order Leaders

Appendix A:      Assistant Principal (AP) Leadership Academy Agenda

Appendix B:      Teacher Leader Academy Agenda

Appendix C:      Summer Institute Agenda

Appendix D:     Summer Connection Conference Agenda

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