The Essence of Human-Computer Interaction, 1st edition

  • Xristine Faulkner

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The Prentice Hall Essence of Computer Science Series provides a concise, practical and uniform introduction to the core components of an undergraduate Computer Science degree. Acknowledging recent changes within higher education, this approach uses a variety of pedagogical tools - case-studies, worked examples and self-test questions - to underpin the student's learning.The Essence of Human-Computer Interaction provides a concise, no-nonsense introduction to studying HCI. It covers all of the essential elements of a standard Human-Computer Interaction course, including Artificial Intelligence, Psychology and Cognitive Science, and suggests ways in which to further develop areas of interest in the subject. It provides examples from everyday life as well as computer systems, such as "real" interfacing problems and solutions. It also includes practical "experiments" for the reader to try, through an examination of subjects such as ergonomics and other HCI issues.

Table of contents

1. An Overview of Human-Computer Interaction.
2. The User's Physical Capabilities.
3. The User's Mental Capabilities.
4. The Interface.
5. Designing Systems for People.
6. Evaluating and Testing.
7. Making Systems that People Can Use.
8. Economics, Health and Safety.
9. Social Implications and the Future of HCI.

Published by Pearson (November 6th 1997) - Copyright © 1998