The Social Dimensions of Health and Health Care in Canada, 1st edition

  • Terrance Wade
  • Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
  • Elena Neiterman

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The Social Dimensions of Health and Health Care in Canada challenges readers to move past commonly held beliefs about health and health care to broaden their understanding of how our social world influences health and illness. In doing this, readers are introduced to a broad array of health and health care issues from different perspectives. This text aims to provide students with a better understanding of the social influences on health and health care with a particular focus on the Canadian context.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Theoretical Tools for a Sociological Analysis of Health and Health Care

Chapter 2 – Methodological Tools for a Sociological Analysis of Health, Illness and Health Care

Chapter 3 – The Development of the Canadian Health Care System

Chapter 4 – Health Professions & Health Policy in Canada

Chapter 5 – Health Institutions and Organizations in Canada

Chapter 6 – Population Health in Canada

Chapter 7 – Social Determinants and Inequities in Health

Chapter 8 – Social Dimensions of Mental Illness

Chapter 9 – Social Dimensions of Aging, Health and Care

Chapter 10 – Self Care and Health Care Behaviour

Chapter 11 – Health and Illness Experiences

Chapter 12 – The Medicalization and Pharmaceuticalization of Society

Chapter 13 – Food and Agriculture

Published by Pearson Canada (December 12th 2014) - Copyright © 2016