THINK Psychology, Second Canadian Edition, 2nd edition

  • Abigail A. Baird
  • Anjanie McCarthy

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THINK currency. THINK relevancy. THINK Psychology.


THINK Psychology, Second Canadian Edition is a concise presentation of the key theories and concepts of Psychology with current Canadian content and high-interest readings. Its attractive design featuring a unique, full-colour layout with exciting infographics is designed to inspire and engage today’s students. Accessibly written with numerous contemporary examples, it relates the patterns and processes of human behaviour to students’ everyday lives. Ten short readings on psychological topics selected from well-respected journals and popular press publications have been highlighted with annotations to present current psychological research in a relevant and accessible manner.

          The Second Canadian edition features seven new readings, updated research and cultural references, new infographics and photos, and expanded coverage of key topics including Freud, Jung, genetic research, long term memory, attraction, and the DSM-5.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction


Chapter 2: Research Methods

Reading: Becoming Friends by chance


Chapter 3: The Human Brain

NEW  Reading: Your Creative Brain: 7 Steps to Maximize Imagination, Creativity, and Innovation


Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception


Chapter 5: Genetics and Evolution

NEW  Reading: The Normative Implications of Biological Research


Chapter 6: Human Development I: Physical, Cognitive, and Language Development

NEW  Reading: Happy As a Lark: Morning Type Younger and Older Adults Are Higher in Positive Affect


Chapter 7: Human Development II: Social Development


Chapter 8: Sex and Gender

NEW  Reading: Sex and Gender Differences: New Perspectives and New Findings Within a Psychobiosocial Approach


Chapter 9: Emotion and Motivation


Chapter 10: Consciousness

NEW  Reading: Effects of Acute Nicotine Administration on Resting EEG in Nonsmokers


Chapter 11: Learning


Chapter 12: Memory


Chapter 13: Cognition

NEW  Reading: Positive Mood Affects on Delay Discounting


Chapter 14: Social Psychology

Reading: Decades Later Still Asking: Would I Pull That Switch?


Chapter 15: Personality and Individual Differences

Reading: Facebook Profiles Reflect Actual Personality


Chapter 16: Psychopathology

NEW  Reading: Motivation and Maltreatment History Among Youth Entering Substance Abuse Treatment


Chapter 17: Treatment of Psychopathology


Chapter 18: Health

Published by Pearson Canada (January 4th 2013) - Copyright © 2014