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Thinking Mathematically, 2nd edition

  • J Mason
  • L Burton
  • K Stacey
Thinking Mathematically

ISBN-13:  9780273728917

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Thinking Mathematically is perfect for anyone who wants to develop their powers to think mathematically, whether at school, at university or just out of interest. This book is invaluable for anyone who wishes to promote mathematical thinking in others or for anyone who has always wondered what lies at the core of mathematics. Thinking Mathematically reveals the processes at the heart of mathematics and demonstrates how to encourage and develop them. Extremely practical, it involves the reader in questions so that subsequent discussions speak to immediate experience.

Table of contents

1.    Everyone can start                                                                                               

2.    Phases of work                                                          

3.    Responses to being STUCK                                                                                

4.    ATTACK: conjecturing    

5.    ATTACK: justifying and  convincing

6.    Still STUCK?   

7.    Developing an internal monitor  

8.    On becoming your own questioner                                                                      

9.    Developing mathematical thinking 

10.  Something to think about                                                                                     

11.  Thinking mathematically in curriculum topics                                                     

Bibliography                                                                                                &nb

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