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Transition Planning for Secondary Students with Disabilities, 4th edition

  • Robert W. Flexer
  • Robert M. Baer
  • Pamela Luft
  • Thomas J. Simmons

Published by Pearson (August 28th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

4th edition

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Transition Planning for Secondary Students with Disabilities (2-downloads)

ISBN-13: 9780132822640

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Table of contents

Section 1

Implementing Transition Systems


Chapter 1

A Framework For Positive Outcomes


Chapter 2

Transition Legislation And Models


Chapter 3

Multicultural And Collaborative Competencies For Working With Families


Chapter 4

Career Development Theories For Transition



Section 2

Creating A Transition Perspective Of Education


Chapter 5

Appropriate Transition Assessment


Chapter 6

Developing Postsecondary Goals


Chapter 7

Identifying Courses Of Study


Chapter 8

Collaborative Transition Services


Chapter 9

Developing And Teaching The Transition Iep


Section 3

Promoting Movement To Postschool Environments


Chapter 10

Coordinating Transition Services


Chapter 11

Transition To Postsecondary Education


Chapter 12

Transition To Employment


Chapter 13

Independent Living And Community Participation

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