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Understanding Public Policy, 15th edition

  • Thomas R. Dye

Published by Pearson (January 5th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

15th edition

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For courses in Public Policy

An introduction to public policy that helps students learn how to think critically about politics.
Understanding Public Policy provides an introduction to the study of public policy, as well as an overview of the models that political scientists use to describe and explain political life. Offering students the tools needed to analyze public policy, author Thomas Dye highlights why governments pursue particular policies, and helps students understand the consequences of these policy choices. The fifteenth edition has been updated to reflect the key issues that have defined President Obama’s second term, with plenty of examples drawn from the headlines to help students see how public policy affects their own lives.

Table of contents

1. Policy Analysis: What Governments Do, Why They Do It, and What Difference It Makes
2. Models of Politics: Some Help in Thinking About Public Policy
3. The Policymaking Process: Decision-Making Activities
4. Policy Evaluation: Finding Out What Happens After a Law Is Passed
5. Federalism and State Policies: Institutional Arrangements and Policy Variations
6. Criminal Justice: Rationality and Irrationality in Public Policy
7. Welfare: The Search for Rational Strategies
8. Health Care: Attempting a Rational-Comprehensive Transformation
9. Education: Group Struggles
10. Economic Policy: Challenging Incrementalism
11. Tax Policy: Battling the Special Interests
12. International Trade and Immigration: Elite—Mass Conflict
13. Energy and the Environment: Externalities and Interests
14. Civil Rights: Elite and Mass Interaction
15. Defense Policy: Strategies for Serious Games
16. Homeland Security: Terrorism and Nondeterrable Threats

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