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For courses in Violence and Victimization, Victimology, and Crime and Violence.


Combines theory with applied responses to victimization.


Understanding Violence and Victimization, Sixth Edition, goes beyond simple discussions of violence to explore the social and legal responses to victimization. Meadows focuses on the experience of victims and how the occurrence of violence; whether at home, in the community, or as the result of personal assault or abuse; can have a devastating effect. Drawing on extensive experience in the field, Meadows explores numerous types of violence and examines the offender—victim relationships, relevant data, and situational factors that influence violent incidents. Both students and those employed in crime prevention and victim services will find the text an indispensable resource for learning about and responding to violent crimes.

Table of contents

1. Measuring and Understanding Violence

2. Victimization Theories

3. Victims of Intimate Violence

4. Non-familiar Violence and Victimization

5. Workplace Violence and Victimization

6. School Violence and Victimization

7. Criminal Justice Injustice

8. Human Trafficking and Victimization

9. Responding to Criminal Victimization


Appendix A: Major Sources of Victimization Data and Information           

Appendix B: Resource Guide

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