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Understanding Youth Justice In Canada, 1st edition

  • Kathryn M. Campbell

Published by Pearson Canada (November 15th 2004) - Copyright © 2005

1st edition

Understanding Youth Justice In Canada

ISBN-13: 9780131217492

Includes: Paperback

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  • Paperback

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This text is aimed at filling a gap in the literature as it attempts to present a variety of perspectives on youth law, on how youth crime is perceived and on the operation of the youth justice system. Through an historical and contemporary overview of criminological and sociological theories, a format and context is provided for understanding discourses about youth justice, youth crime and youth law.

Table of contents

Part 1 — Introduction


Chapter 1    Introduction: Theoretical Overview

Kathryn M. Campbell - University of Ottawa


Part 2 — Historical- Legal Perspectives on Youth Justice


Chapter 2    History, Development and Transformations in Canadian Juvenile Justice, 1800-1984

Bryan R. Hogeveen - University of Alberta


Chapter 3    The Development of Canada’s Youth Justice Law

Nicholas Bala - Queen’s University


Chapter 4 Children’s Rights, Juvenile Justice, and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: Implications for Canada

Myriam Denov - University of Ottawa


Chapter 5:   Conceptual Frameworks for Understanding Youth Justice in Canada: From the Juvenile Delinquents Act to the Youth Criminal Justice Act

Susan A. Reid - St. Thomas University

Justice Marvin A. Zuker — Ontario Court of Justice


Part 3 — Nature and Extent of Youth Crime


Chapter 6 Trends in Youth Crime in Canada

Jane B. Sprott- University of Guelph

Anthony N. Doob -University of Toronto


Chapter 7 Youth Crime and the Media

Susan A. Reid — St. Thomas University


Part 4 — Legal Responses to Young Offenders


Chapter 8    Police decision-making with young offenders:   Arrest, questioning and dispositions

Peter J. Carrington - University of Waterloo

Jennifer L. Schulenberg - University of Waterloo


Chapter 9 Community-Based Responses to Youth Crime:   Cautioning, Conferencing and Extrajudicial Measures

Nicholas Bala - Queen’s University

Chapter 10 The Roles of Legal Professionals in Youth Court

Miriam Bloomenfeld Counsel, Criminal Law Policy Branch, Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General

Judge David Cole, Ontario Court of Justice, Metro West Court, Toronto


Chapter 11 Sentencing under the Youth Criminal Justice Act: An Historical Perspective Anthony N. Doob - University of Toronto

Jane B. Sprott - University of Guelph


Part 5 — Methods of Intervention


Chapter 12 Restorative Justice in Canadian Approaches to Youth Crime: Origins, Practices, and Retributive Frameworks

Liz Elliott - Simon Fraser University


Chapter 13 Rehabilitation Revisited: The Changing Nature of “Intervention” in Juvenile Justice

Kathryn M. Campbell — University of Ottawa


Part 6 — Issues of Social Justice


Chapter 14 Understanding Girls’ Delinquency: Looking Beyond Their Behavior

Sibylle Artz, Diana Nicholson, and Carmen Rodriguez

University of Victoria


Chapter 15 Aboriginal Youth and the Criminal Justice System

Larry N. Chartrand - University of Ottawa


Chapter 16 Voices of youth

Compiled by Kathryn M. Campbell - University of Ottawa


Appendix A - Juvenile Delinquents Act

Appendix B — Young Offenders Act — Section 3 Declaration of Principle

Appendix C — Youth Criminal Justice Act — Section 3 Declaration of Principle

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