UNIX Network Programming, 1st edition

  • W Richard Stevens

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The leading book in its field, this guide focuses on the design, development and coding of network software under the UNIX operating system. Provides over 15,000 lines of C code with descriptions of how and why a given solution is achieved. For programmers seeking an indepth tutorial on sockets, transport level interface (TLI), interprocess communications (IPC) facilities under System V and BSD UNIX.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. The UNIX Model.

 3. Interprocess Communication.

 4. A Network Primer.

 5. Communication Protocols.

 6. Berkeley Sockets.

 7. System V Transport Layer Interface.

 8. Library Routines.

 9. Security.

10. Time and Date Routines.

11. Ping Routines.

12. Trivial File Transfer Program.

13. Line Printer Spools.

14. Remote Command Execution.

15. Remote Login.

16. Remote Tape Drive Access.

17. Performance.

18. Remote Procedure Calls.


Published by Pearson (January 23rd 1990) - Copyright © 1990