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UNIX Unbounded: A Beginning Approach, 5th edition

  • Amir Afzal

Published by Pearson (April 19th 2007) - Copyright © 2008

5th edition

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UNIX Unbounded: A Beginning Approach

ISBN-13: 9780131194496

Includes: Paperback
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This handbook uses straightforward examples to introduce the UNIX operating system, including its historical development, major versions, and important features. It covers the topics necessary for users to function independently and handle routine tasks, giving readers a foundation for exploring more advanced UNIX topics. KEY TOPICS: Builds knowledge with a general explanation of concepts and topics, followed by more detailed and complex commands and examples as the chapter progresses. Explains the importance of the operating system and explores its primary functions. Includes a new chapter on the Emacs editor as an alternative to the vi editor. For those interested in learning more about the UNIX operating system.

Table of contents


Note: Each chapter concludes with Review Exercises.


1: First Thing First

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Computers: An Overview

1.3 Computer Hardware

1.4 Process Operation

1.5 What Is Software

2: The Unix Operating System

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Other Unix Systems

2.3 Overview Of The Unix Operating System

2.4 Unix Features

3: Getting Started

3.1            Establishing Contact With Unix 

3.2         Using Some Simple Commands

3.3         Getting Help

3.4         Correcting Typing Mistakes

3.5         Using Shells And Utilities

3.6         More About Logging-In Process

Command Summary

Terminal Session

4: The Vi Editor: First Look

4.1            What Is An Editor

4.2            The Vi Editor

4.3            Basic Vi Editor Commands

4.4            Memory Buffers

Command Summary

Terminal Session

5: Introduction To The Unix File System

5.1            Disk Organization

5.2            File Types Under Unix

5.3            All About Directories

5.4            Directory Commands

5.5           Displaying Files Contents

5.6            Printing Files Contents

5.7            Deleting Files

Command Summary

Terminal Session

6: The Vi Editor: Last Look

6.1            More About The Vi Editor

6.2            Rearranging Text

6.3            Scope Of The Vi Operators

6.4            Using Buffers In Vi

6.5            The Cursor Positioning Keys

6.6            Customizing The Vi Editor

6.7           &

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