Write Stuff, The: A Usage and Grammar Guide, 1st edition

  • Ken Horsman

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This brief workbook is appropriate for first-semester college core courses in writing or workplace communication.

It uses a simple, straightforward approach that presents grammar and mechanics as well as providing practice exercises. It has been designed not only to function as a stand-alone workbook, but to serve as a useful supplement to workplace communication texts such as Boone/et al. Contemporary Business Communication, Canadian Edition.

Table of contents


 1. Parts of Speech.

 2. Prepositional Phrases.

 3. Identifying Subjects.

 4. Identifying Verbs.

 5. Identifying Objects.

 6. Simple Sentence.

 7. Compound Sentence.

 8. Complex Sentence.

 9. Comma Splice and Run-On.

10. Sentence Fragment.

11. Modifier Confusion.

12. Parallel Structure.

13. Subject-Verb Agreement.

14. Pronoun Agreement.

15. Pronoun Case.

16. Pronoun Reference.

17. Pronoun Shift.

18. Pronoun Sexism.

19. Voice.

20. Apostrophe.

21. Colon.

22. Semicolon.

23. Quotation Marks.

24. Comma.

25. Capitals.

26. Numbers.

27. Spelling.

28. Usage Problems.

Published by Pearson Canada (September 28th 1998) - Copyright © 1999