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Writing and Reporting the News as a Story, 1st edition

  • Robert Lloyd
  • Glenn Guzzo

Published by Pearson (January 29th 2008) - Copyright © 2009

1st edition

Writing and Reporting the News as a Story

ISBN-13: 9780205440016

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Writing and Reporting the News as a Story, 1/e

Robert Lloyd, Syracuse University

Glenn Guzzo



Filled with current examples and tips from Pulitzer-Prize winning professionals, Writing and Reporting News as a Story teaches modern news writing skills while providing students with timely advice on ethics and career advancement. As a result of the outstanding professional experience of the author team and their devotion to teaching young journalists, this new text offers practical and real guidance to students truly interested in a future in journalism.



  • Current writing and reporting examples allow students to learn from stories they recognize and view as relevant.
  • The “Talent Showcase” box features writing and reporting tips from successful and well-known journalists, including Pulitzer Prize winners, to help students learn valuable lessons from experienced professionals
  • The “Wired and Wireless” box features current examples of Web and TV journalism, including how one New Orleans newspaper, with its headquarters destroyed, became the online voice of its community in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
  • Exercises at the end of every chapter help students apply what they have learned outside of the classroom, including interviewing skills, writing practice, and reading others’ work.
  • Attention to Internet and broadcast applications throughout the text better prepares students for the convergence news rooms in their future careers.


Praise for Writing and Reporting the News as a Story:

“This textbook covers important introductory media writing topics in a comprehensive way.  Students will benefit from up-to-date research, careful attention to basic technical concepts, and thought provoking illustrations.  Writing tactics and strategies will help the student to succeed as a journalist.  Readers will benefit from user friendly advice, features and sidebars.” — Reed Markham, Salt Lake Community College


“I would describe this text as a modern-day, contemporary, down-to-earth and practical approach to teaching news writing.” — Michael L. Mercer, University of the Incarnate Word


“I would describe the text as a ‘journalist’s journalism book’ because it adheres to the very principles it is teaching.” — Mary K. O’Donnell, Our Lady of the Lake University


“I would describe this book as a sensible, well-written book that exemplifies its name.  It has current examples, thoughtful insights and sound advice.” J. Hope Carroll, York College of Pennsylvania


Table of contents

Authors Note


Chapter 1: Why Journalism Matters


Chapter 2: What is News?


Chapter 3: Writing Leads


Chapter 4: Writing Simply


Chapter 5: How to Structure a News Story


Chapter 6: Interviewing


Chapter 7: Using Quotations Well


Chapter 8: Crime Stories


Chapter 9: Writing about Victims of Crimes


Chapter 10: Covering Disasters


Chapter 11: Speeches, Press Conferences, and Press Releases


Chapter 12: Writing the Meeting Story


Chapter 13: Writing Non-Traditional Leads


Chapter 14: Obituaries


Chapter 15: Writing Profiles


Chapter 16: Features


Chapter 17: Endings


Chapter 18: Writing for the Web


Chapter 19: Ethics


Chapter 20: Diversity


Chapter 21: Libel


Chapter 22: Jobs

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