New Report Offers Lessons Learned for Recruiting and Retaining Excellent Teachers

Proper career opportunities can help address teacher shortages, says Pearson and National Network of State Teachers of the Year

Washington, D.C. -- Schools across the country are facing a shortage of teachers. The New York Times reports that districts in California, Kentucky, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Rhode Island are all struggling to fill open teacher positions, warning of a larger crisis.

A new report, jointly issued by Pearson’s Research & Innovation Network and National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY), identifies ways to keep teachers in the profession. It describes the key elements of effective teacher career advancement continuum based on case studies from across the U.S.

“All districts with teacher career advancement initiatives we studied reported increased retention rates and an increase in applicants to teach in the district,” said Dr. Kathy McKnight, Principal Director of Research, Center for Educator Learning & Effectiveness at Pearson. “Our research shows that building a career continuum for teachers is an effective strategy for addressing persistent challenges, such as recruitment, retention and job satisfaction.”

Pearson and NNSTOY’s report profiles eight districts with teacher career advancement initiatives, including policies and considerations for success. Key elements of effective career advancement continuums include:

● Structured teacher leader roles

● Opportunities for free time and collaboration

● Compensation differentiation

● Peer coaching and evaluation

● Embedded professional development

● Structured teacher voice in decision making

“A more purposeful and systematic approach is needed to address the career aspirations of a new generation of teachers who want to be leaders from the classroom,” Katherine Bassett, Executive Director and CEO at NNSTOY. “Our recommendations reflect the importance of intentional and systematic policies and strategies in order to create sustainable and long-term solutions. Our report is timely with the renewed focus on teacher pathways.”

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides multiple new opportunities to build effective career continuums for teachers, including:

● States prioritizing building career advancement paths

● Districts investing in building teacher leadership capacity

● National grants to build career advancement continuums and supplement compensation for teacher leaders

Download the full report here.
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