Credit for Prior Learning

See how giving your students credit for experiential learning can be a strategy for accelerating degree completion

What is Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)?

Credit for prior learning (CPL) is a practice institutions use to award students credit for demonstrated competency and mastery through experiential learning. Students earn college credit for work experience, life experience, independent studies, or licensures and certifications.

Other definitions associated with CPL

Prior Learning is a term educators use to describe learning that a student acquires outside of a traditional academic environment. This learning may have been attained through work experience, professional development courses, military training or experience, independent study, noncredit courses, volunteer or community service, travel, or non-college courses or seminars, many of which are offered online, such as massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is the process by which an individual’s experiential and other extra-institutional learning is assessed and evaluated for the purposes of granting college credit, certification, or advanced standing toward further education or training.

See how credit for prior learning can be a strategy for accelerating degree completion for your students

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