Nursing Concepts

This all-in-one concept-based nursing curriculum gives you everything you need to develop practice-ready nurses.

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A complete and affordable solution for concept-based learning

Better retention starts with a single source of knowledge. Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning provides all of the core content and materials you need to deliver a concept-based nursing curriculum that develops practice-ready nurses.

This three-volume series with MyLab® Nursing blends critical thinking development with patient care skills. Rather than memorizing content, students learn to think through complex clinical issues, while building competencies to act on their decisions.

By connecting nursing concepts, exemplars, and skills, the program fosters deep comprehension that students can apply broadly. The consistent organization of content throughout the series reduces cognitive overload and accelerates student mastery. In MyLab Nursing, nearly 11,000 practice questions let students apply new knowledge and build confidence as they go.

Add supplemental resources to the core package — such as The Neighborhood 3.0 by Jean Giddens — to reveal the day-to-day work of a nursing professional.