Digital Credentials in Higher Education

Let students showcase their achievements to highlight their credentials and appeal to potential employers.

Help students achieve their goals

Our digital badges let students showcase achievements across a range of formal and informal settings — from college degree programs and vocational training to new competency-based career education and third-party credentialing programs.

Learners can post their badges on email and social media networks, to highlight credentials and appeal to potential employers so they can reach their personal and professional goals.  

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Introducing Acclaim

Based on Mozilla’s Open Badges standard, Acclaim Badges enable academic institutions, professional associations, and organizations to recognize professional and experiential learning achievements and certifications in a way that can be easily verified and shared online.

Acclaim provides you with the expertise, tools, and support to build an effective badge program, including:

  • A web-enabled version of credentials that can be shared online
  • A trusted method for real-time credential verification
  • Labor-market insights that connect skills to jobs
  • Increased brand visibility
  • Reporting capabilities for an in-depth overview of the strength of your badging program 
Credentials are represented with a digital image containing verified metadata that describes qualifications and the process by which they were earned.