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Tools to create courses and enroll with ease

MyLabsPlus is designed to harness the power of MyLab & Mastering to teach as efficiently as possible. Its easy-to-navigate architecture enables you to quickly and easily manage multiple courses with many different sections and large numbers of students.

MyLabsPlus can connect to your student information system (your campus’s central course and student database), so you can enroll large batches of students with ease. Much of this process takes place in the background, so you can manage enrollment with minimal time commitment. Also, MyLabsPlus lets you create accounts for students and instructors before the term begins, ensuring that everyone is ready to start accelerated learning in MyLab & Mastering on the first day of class.

Progress monitoring you can really use

The powerful reporting tools in MyLabsPlus let you monitor progress across a course, several courses, a department, or a program. MyLabsPlus reporting allows you to review and analyze students' strengths and weaknesses by tracking their performance on tests, assignments, and tutorials. You can see what’s working, as well as where you may need to change gears or intervene to lend a helping hand.

The customizable reports help you monitor and manage student data so you can track student completion of courses. Administrators can review grades and assignments across all courses on your MyLabsPlus campus for a broad view of program performance.

A custom portal to access all your MyLab & Mastering courses

MyLabsPlus enables educators and students to access their MyLab & Mastering courses via a single customized portal, built specifically for your school. Co-branded with MyLabsPlus logos as well as your school's logo, the portal will serve as your MyLabsPlus campus, a gateway to all your MyLab & Mastering courses. Your portal will be set up with its own unique URL, and your whole MyLabsPlus campus can be controlled from this one online location.

A simplified sign-on experience

With MyLabsPlus, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of multiple passwords. You and your students will be able to access all of your MyLab & Mastering courses with a single sign-on from your customized portal. Simply sign on to the portal, click the appropriate MyLab or Mastering course, and get to work. Your Pearson support team can with work with your campus IT department to set up single sign-on from your learning management system, too.

Flexibility in purchase and enrollment

MyLabsPlus affords two options for purchasing MyLab & Mastering access. Students may purchase individual access, either by buying an access code in the bookstore or buying instant access online at your MyLabsPlus portal. Or, your school may adopt an open-access model, wherein your school will be invoiced for the number of students enrolled at the end of the drop/add period, typically two or three weeks after the start of the term. The latter option eliminates the need for access code purchases altogether.

Easy LMS integration

In many cases, you can provide single sign-on to your MyLabsPlus courses from your own campus portal or the learning management system you’re already using. MyLabsPlus can be integrated with the following: